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Submission + - GoDaddy Suspends RightHaven Domain (

DustyShadow writes: It appears that someone has reported Righthaven for having an invalid WHOIS entry on their domain. Their registrar, the ever vigilant GoDaddy, then took control of the domain, taking Righthaven completely offline. Righthaven has made a business out of scouring the net for websites that have used even the smallest parts of their partner newspapers’ materials and then threatening them with legal action. Very often this results in their victims having to pay thousands of dollars in settlements and in some cases even being forced to hand over their domain names. Today, this copyright troll company is getting a sweet taste of their own medicine.

Submission + - Intellectual Ventures Files Three Patent Lawsuits (

DustyShadow writes: After a decade of stockpiling thousands of patents and using them to force huge payments privately from alleged infringers, Intellectual Ventures went public this week and filed infringement cases against nine large high technology companies. Complaints in the software security industry were filed against Check Point Software Technologies, McAfee, Symantec, and Trend Micro. In the DRAM and flash memory segment, the companies targeted are Elpida Memory and Hynix Semiconductor. FPGA industry companies named in the complaints are Altera, Lattice Semiconductor, and Microsemi. Intellectual Ventures indicated that the complaint against Microsemi may be based on that firm's acquisition of Actel its FPGA business.

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