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Comment Barrelfishes evading red-light cameras (Score 2, Informative) 366

Well, that's odd.

But anyway, concerning Corona, CA, it should be noted that some blogger linked to by TechDirt is no better a legal scholar than... anyone else, apparently. There's no Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial to "shred" for traffic violations, or any misdemeanor involving less than six months or so of jail.

Comment Re:Looks like anchor drag to me. (Score 1) 329

Cables going to very close shore landing points between similar destinations tend to be pretty close together, saves significantly on the survey costs.

The article's timing of the outages (SeaMeWe 3&4 within minutes, FLAG half an hour later) and the relative proximity of the cable courses suggests either anchor drag or someone who cares enough to make it look that way.

Chalk up another victory for geographically dispersed redundancy.{/quote>

Are you trying to say David Hasselhoff was involved?!?

Comment Re:Herbal medicine has limited value (Score 1) 713

As someone who suffers from a related problem called Avoidant Personality Disorder, I can tell you that self medicating with drugs and alcohol doesn't solve the problem at all. Oh, sure, you might become a little more sociable, for a while. Eventually, you get to the point where you need the alcohol to function at all, even in non-social situations. Pretty soon, you find yourself stuck in a cycle at the bottom of a bottle and the drugs and alcohol take control, making it even harder to meet other people because by that point, most people actually won't want to be around you and that reinforces the initial problem. I have a lot of family members who buried their problems with drugs and alcohol and they went from being functional addicts to not caring about themselves or pretty much anyone else anymore - all they want is to stay drunk and high. Anything which threatens that state can force them to become aggressive and violent in ways they never were before. Growing up around that, I avoid alcohol and drugs completely.

I don't mean to belittle what I have no reason to believe is not a real disorder - but I'd like to point out that the result of social drinking you apparently assume is inevitable (substance abuse) certainly isn't. Many people do feel more sociable after a drink or two, yet do not move from there to raging alcoholism or drug addiction. Not everyone shy in public has the same disorder you suffer from, so dismissal of the most common (and most commonly effective, I'd guess) solution is irresponsible

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