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Submission + - Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5 Is a Hit in China Too (apple.com)

Sebolains writes: The iPhone 5 launched in China last Friday, December 14th. Today, Apple announced on their blog that they had sold 2 million phones on the first weekend it was available. This figure is comparable to the just over 5 million iPhone 5s sold after its initial release in September in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the UK; a fact that is still impressive, even when taking into account the size of the Chinese market. Apple said that they plan to have the phone available in over 100 countries by the end of the year, making this the fastest iPhone roll-out ever.

Submission + - EU Commissioner Tonio Borg says beware of digital download ripoffs (timesofmalta.com)

wolverine1999 writes: "Tthe results of an EU-wide “digital content sweep” have shown that around 75% of websites which sell games, books, videos and music that can be transferred to a mobile device, have some kind of illegality.

For instance some games are "free" but you end up having to pay for virtual items to proceed further.
Illegal websites will be forced to comply by August otherwise further action will be taken by the EU.


Submission + - SPAM: NARI country through the power grid UHV supervision test

frankli283 writes: By the state power Nari independent research and development, based on a novel unified hardware and software platform of UHV substation automation system and control device in Beijing by the national power grid " power grid " UHV AC demonstration project supervision test.
1000kV " the power grid " project is the first of our common tower double circuit transmission demonstration project, is to optimize the allocation of energy resources in East China the major strategic project. " The power grid " project comprehensively based on IEC 61850 standard in substation automation system, and asked to meet the requirements of integrated supervisory control system.
NARI country according to engineering and technical agreement and China State Grid Corp of UHV AC construction requirements, in the original device and platform on the basis of development, based on the new type of unified platform for substation automation system high voltage measurement device, since October 22nd, the new device are respectively passed type test, IEC 61850 conformance testing, test, when the network storm telemetry precision testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, high and low temperature, damp heat test, vibration test and a series of functional testing and performance testing. In all units in the test device, the state power Nari device to complete, through all test items.

Submission + - Mother Found Guilty After Protesting TSA Pat-down of Daughter (tennessean.com)

Penurious Penguin writes: In 2011, en route to Baltimore, Tennessee mother Andrea Abbott was arrested after squabbling with the TSA over their pat-down and "naked" body-scan process. Initially Abbott had protested a pat-down of her 14 year-old daughter, though eventually backed off. When her own turn came, she refused both a pat-down and body-scan. This week, despite having no criminal record, Abbott was found guilty of disorderly conduct and sentenced to one year of probation.

A surveillance video of the affair shows what appears an agitated Abbott surrounded by various TSA agents, but seemingly contradicts the premise by which she was convicted. In the case against Abbott it was claimed that her behavior impeded the flow security-lines and lawful activity. Beyond Abbott's confession of issuing some verbal abuse, the video does not appear to display a significant blockage of traffic nor anything noticeably criminal.


Submission + - SPAM: Android 4.2 power control via the notification area

An anonymous reader writes: In recent days already made initial information on the upcoming Android 4.2 the round. So already the apk of the new Gmail Android app was downloaded. But that was not the only thing that was new from Android 4.2 to find out. The guys from Androidploice have a closer look to the SystemUI.apk and find out what interesting.
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