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Comment Re:Will anyone exploit it? (Score 3, Informative) 82

Note that "people" are probably CIO's of Fortune 500's.

As an engineer who was doing programming and systems work in engineering, I evangelized Linux for a decade and a half at a Fortune 250. When someone in IT finally took a look at it, they, of course, demanded that it have a virus scanner. (To be fair, this was near one of the really big Windows outbreaks.) One of the AV companies had actually released a Linux version, so I just calmly told him about it, and stroked his notion that Linux was actually ready for the desktop, even though I thought the whole idea a complete waste of time. In my opinion, cleaning up whatever MIGHT have been caused by a Linux infection would never have been worth the traded performance and administrative overhead of installing it and keeping it updated.

Seems to me that this scenario might be playing out again, as OS X is actually a viable corporate desktop now. Again, I don't think the level of risk warrants the level of cost, but that's not my call. Having a "corporatized" AV (like the Symantec monstrosity that frequently stalls this high-end Dell mobile workstation) is a checkbox that would open the door to corporate deployments of Macs.

Comment Re:They have the freedom to leave it they want (Score 1) 886

All these arguments go in this direction. But what about the crazy homophobe who wants to make an example of having a gay-owned bakery make a cake that says "HOMOSEXUALS ARE GOING TO HELL" on it? Now the shoe is on the other foot, and I wonder, if people are really being honest, if they would support forcing -- under the threat of exertion by the State -- THIS couple to make THAT cake?

Comment Re:Make some noise (Score 3, Insightful) 886

Regardless of who "wins" this argument, one side will have pushed their "personal beliefs" on the other. If "pushing your beliefs on someone else" is the basis of your argument against, that's hypocritical. I'm not defending the proposed law here; just pedantically pointing out the logical flaw.

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 174

There's a cutoff where it's useful to say that "you can do it yourself." I *am* a programmer, and have been for 35 years or so. One thing that annoyed me -- "back in the day" -- was Evolution's spotty support for Palm Pilot synchronization. I was fiddling with Gentoo's portage versions of the program and the various libraries so much that I finally downloaded the source for Evolution, and started to look at where the code that governed this problem lived. I recall asking someone a question about the source on some forum (or maybe IRC), and was told by one of the developers that what I was after was so deep that I probably be better off not fooling with it. I looked at it a little longer, and concluded he was right. It would have taken me hundreds of hours to find and fix the problem I was seeing, and then I'd have to apply the patch to a version that had been updated underneath me while I worked on it, leading to other hassles. The process would have been quite elaborate, and this is my point: Waiting for the person who knows, roughly, WHERE the problems are, and already has a good idea of HOW TO FIX IT is usually worth the time savings, even if you DO know how to code.

Palm died not too long after, and I finally got an iPhone.

Comment Re:Local Dealerships (Score 1) 455

Yep, and the "local" Penske Honda dealership in Carmel, Indiana was one of the top-3 worst dealership experiences of my life. All the usual tricks, but the best one was when the salesman actually got offended when I asked about one of the cheapest cars on the lot, which was advertised on their web site. He said I was trying to buy a hamburger at a steak house, and got up to leave. So I got my keys, and left.

I wound up buying a used Civic for thousands less than book at a REAL local Honda dealership, where it turns out that I knew the manager, the sales manager, the office manager, and 2 of the salesman, and I just didn't know it. I know that's cheating, and not many people have such an option, but I'll likely try this again soon.

Comment Re:Apple priced itself out of the market (Score 2) 786

I see a lot of people talking about how much cash Apple has on hand these days. You know what? Microsoft had that much in their "war chest" about 10 years ago. Now where are they? Apple better USE that money to DO something game changing, or they're going to become a shell of their former selves, just like Microsoft has. Licensing their OS might be exactly what they need to do to take over the world. Let the market proliferate with cheap Apple knockoffs driven by 3rd-party peripherals. It's what allowed Windows to take over the world! They can keep making their own, premium hardware, and tell people up front that their the ones with the best user experience.

Comment Self-serving project (Score 2) 250

The database is a joint project of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which provided most of the funding, the Carnegie Corporation of New York and school officials from several states.

All it looks like to me is a $100M SQL Server project for Microsoft, secured by the former CEO for his friends back at the home office.

Comment Re:No amount of Data can convince them (Score 0) 345

... the laws of physics are exactly the same for human generated carbon dioxide as for carbon dioxide measured in a laboratory...

There's the problem right there. To mangle the quote: You can't very well dust CO2 for fingerprints. If we could pinpoint how much of the CO2 in the atmosphere is actually generated by humans, we wouldn't be having this debate. Unfortunately, all we can do is infer through other means of estimating, and that wiggle room is all people need to start an argument about the data.

Comment Re:yes, please. (Score 1) 564

As said, the free market works WONDERFULLY when it exists. But in this case it doesn't. IMHO, we should have a Federally owned universal ISP option. You can't tell me in this day and age that Internet access isn't as important as the postal system, which is federally owned.

The postal service is struggling. Just ask Obama.

Why in the world is the answer to every question: more _federal_ involvement?! Why can't we just let local municipalities or companies lay a piece of fiber to your door, and then let you choose which providers you want to hook to the other end of your line for service? That's the answer I'm looking for.

I suppose it will be just like any other corporate field, though. One of the slightly larger companies will start buying a smaller, struggling one, and the rest will snowball until we get something like Ma Bell. Again.

Alright, maybe the feds should be involved in this. But then we get horrible market distortions that lead to other problems.

Well, I guess it's either Scylla or Charybdis.

Comment Re:Reality still wins. (Score 1) 249

So it's all just legal double-speak then. You don't really "own" your comments, except when Geeknet wants to disavow itself from them to avoid being held responsible for them in some sort of litigation.

I've just narrowly averted posting in a couple of other threads here this morning. This thread has got me thinking that I want to just go ahead and delete my Slashdot account. (I deleted my Facebook account a couple months ago.)

Comment Re:If you've nothing to hide... (Score 1) 878

I hope the ACLU cleans the government's clock with the lawsuit, and establishes precedent which guarantees there won't be any more of these things.

Further, I agree that the cop drawing his gun was outrageous. However, what everyone seems to be missing is that there was another, marked squad car right behind the unmarked vehicle, making the stop along with the plain-clothed officer. The motorcyclist had no doubt that he was being stopped by a legitimate police action.

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