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Comment Re:Data thrown away (Score 1) 736

You realize that them throwing the data away was done for the same reasons the BBC tossed out all those videos and films of old shows -- to save space. "

There's a bit of a difference between throwing out old episodes of Dad's Army and throwing away data that's supposedly helping to prove that man is causing global warming.

Comment Re:Whichever moron tagged this as "irrelevant"... (Score 2, Funny) 267

I'm fed up with Ubuntu users. If it was just your obscenity of a distribution that was a problem, I could cope with simply not using it. That isn't my biggest issue, however. You insist on lying and engaging in denial about everything that is wrong with it, and suppressing complaint about said problems in any way you can. I know how this post is immediately headed for -1, and the reason given doesn't matter at all, does it?

Well fucking said! *applauds* Ubuntu users are the Scientologists of the OSS world.


Submission + - Opera unite - promise to change the web (

BuR4N writes: "Opera this morning released Opera Unite, a new browser/server combination that makes it easy to share content and interact with others, using "just" a browser. The bold claim that it will change the web forever is something that we have to wait and see if it holds true. A beta of Opera 10 with the Unite feature enabled is available to download from the following URL. Builds for Windows, Mac and Linux is available."

Submission + - Two New Mac Malware Attacks Found (

PL/SQL Guy writes: "Security experts have discovered two new pieces of malware targeting Apple computers, making it clear that Mac users are no longer immune from worrying about viruses and security software. The attacks — dubbed OSX/Tored-A and OSX/Jahlav-C — "use social engineering tricks to fool you into installing it onto your computer," says Graham Cluley, a computer security expert with Sophos. Earlier this month, security consultant Rich Mogull wrote on his blog that Apple was struggling to protect users against malware and other online threats. It would appear that Macs are now also on the radar of malware authors."

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