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Submission + - iPad fail grounds dozens of American Airline flights

infolation writes: American Airlines was forced to delay multiple flights on Tuesday night after the iPad app used by pilots crashed. Introduced in 2013, the cockpit iPads are used as an “electronic flight bag”, replacing 16kg (35lb) of paper manuals which pilots are typically required to carry on flights. In some cases, the flights had to return to the gate to access Wi-Fi to fix the issue.

Comment Other way 'round (Score 1) 66

For a customer service phone drone, asking someone to turn their ethernet cables around the other way is actually a brilliant tactic. Of course we all know the cables are bidirectional, but most lusers don't have a clue. By asking them them to flip the ends around you're really asking them to reseat the connections at either end, but it's seemingly strange and arcane enough that they'll actually do it, instead of just making some fake noises into the phone and saying "There, I've done it." You might be surprised how many bad connections get fixed by "flipping the ends around."

Comment Think Diff'rent (Score 1) 49

Have you noticed that the pattern of lightning is quite similar to the pattern of cracks in a stone or fault lines inside Terra? Lightning isn't a sparky thing that shoots across a gap. It's actually more like an earthquake along a fault line. The phenomenon we call lightning is what occurs when regions of magnetelectrospacetime have drifted and contorted apart far enough that they can no longer maintain congruity. The separate regions shift and the gaps between them close up an the speed of light. The sound and light is a result of that magnetoelectrospacetime fault line between the differing regions.
  tl;dr: Lightning isn't a thing, it's a manifestation of fractures in reality.

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