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Journal Journal: Climate Change/Global Warming and So-Called 'Artificial Intelligence'

Here on Slashdot, there are plenty of people who think that so-called 'AI' is going to solve all of humanitys' problems.
There's also plenty of people here who scoff at the idea of climate change being caused by human activity.
There also seems to be quite a large crossover between the two groups.
Now, I want you all to consider this: What are you going to do when your much-revered AIs tell you that humans are causing global warming, and that the efforts to correct it, which you all were so vehemently against, are the correct course of action to stop and reverse it?

Are you getting a brain aneurysm yet? Head exploding into a fine red mist? You're welcome.

I can but hope for the day to come when the above happens. I'm going to laugh so hard and so long that I'll likely pull a muscle or two, then pull up a comfy chair, and sit there with an extra-large bucket of popcorn (extra butter, of course) and watch the fun.
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Journal Journal: You can't even get a robot to fold laundry competently

This morning I hear on NPR about how Panasonic has invested $60M on a robot just to fold laundry -- but it takes ten minutes for it to fold one shirt.

Now, you have to ask yourself: How the hell do you expect a robot to competently drive a car by itself, when you can't even get a robot to fold laundry any faster than thousands of times slower than a human being can? Rhetorical question; you can't.
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Journal Journal: Post-Trump: Moving Forward, Together 2

In the post-Trump America for at least the next 4 years, there are some things that those of us who did not vote for Trump must remember:

  • We're all citizens of the United States, and while things aren't always all hearts and roses, we love this country and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. As such we must continue to defend and support the United States, as a country, and our fellow citizens -- even when we don't always agree with them.
    • This does not however mean that you have to nod your head and rubber-stamp people's 'opinions' when those opinions promote racism, sexism, and hate; continue to fight against the things you know are wrong.
  • An important point for you all to remember: You can -- and should -- support the Office of the President -- But you do not have to support the person behind the desk. If President Elect Trump continues to spout the same hateful, spiteful, racist, sexist, bigoted, loud-mouthed bullying, like he's a spoiled brat 12 year old suburbanite boy having a tantrum, then speaking out against it, especially to Trump himself, is part of being a good American, and I encourage you to do so at every opportunity -- just remember: be polite and respectful, no profanity, no threats of violence, but speak firmly, concisely, deliberately, and intelligently. Don't stoop to his level. Remember your right to Freedom of Speech. The United States is not some authoritarian dictatorship where you get thrown in jail for criticizing your government or the people within it. 'Of the people, by the people, and for the people' means that everyone in the government, all the way up to the President, is here to serve us, the citizens of the United States, not the other way around.
  • Four years may seem like a long time, but it's not an eternity. The United States has endured worse, even if you're not old enough to know that. This, too, shall pass. The needle is swinging back the other direction, hard, right now, because 8 years of Obama has left a nasty taste in everyones' mouth. It'll swing back the other way sooner or later.
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Journal Journal: Today is a Dark Day for the United States 12

I am a middle-aged white man, born, raised, and have lived in the United States my entire half-plus-century of life. I did not vote for Donald Trump, or for Hilary Clinton. And today, I am ashamed to call myself an American citizen. Why? Because willful ignornace, hate, racism, sexism, bigotry, and fear have won out out over our better nature. Hilary Clinton is no saint -- I don't trust her -- but Donald Trump is, and will continue to be, at least an order of magnitude worse on all counts. I fear for the future of the United States. I fear for the good things that have developed over the last 50 years. I even fear for the lives of some of my friends. But mainly I am very sad to see the needle swing so violently, slamming up against it's stop on the far, far right of the meter. If you thought that America was hated by the world now, after the Bush family of traitors and all they did, just wait until Donald Trump, with his complete lack of self-control, gets done angering even our allies to the point where they refuse to stand by us. If you are one who voted for Trump, then know this: I will point and laugh at you when the day comes that you realize what it is you've done to us all -- right before Trumps' jackbooted thugs shoot me in the face for daring to speak out against the first authoritarian dictator of the United States of America.

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Journal Journal: Here's a scenario for you 'self driving car' advocates to consider:

It's the future; say, 20 years from now. 'Self-driving cars' have become fairly common. Naturally, they're wireless capable for software updates, traffic information -- and other things, like emergency control by 'proper authorities', of course. Now, here's where the dream turns into a nightmare: The 'authorities' (read as: the government) can completely control your self-driving car, totally overriding any destination you've set it for, and even to the extent of the doorlocks and the ability to even open the doors and exit the vehicle. Surprise! You're completely and totally controlled, contained, and have ZERO freedom now. If the government (or hackers, for that matter) want to dictate to you where you're going, when you're going there, and whether you're allowed to even get out of the vehicle, you have no control over it anymore. So much for your civil and human rights; you no longer have any control over your life, or the lives of your family, if you use such a vehicle. Now, let's turn up the Nightmare mode to maximum: In this ultimate dystopian future, you're not even allowed to own a vehicle that isn't self-driving, regardless of whether or not it's got manual controls for a human operator. You want to go somewhere? You're at the whim of police, the government, hackers, and whoever else has their hands on the real controls. Modifying your vehicle so it's immune to wireless control is a felony with long jail time and a huge fine "because that's unsafe". Public transportation is also self-driving and subject to the same rules; unless you walk or are on a bicycle you're at their whim, and walking or riding a bike gets you stopped and questioned by the local LEOs as suspicious.

Sound too extreme? It's supposed to, that's how cautionary tales are written. Think I'm a nutcase? Nope, I'm just trying to illustrate a point: Be careful what you wish for. If you're not controlling the tools you use, then maybe the tools are controlling you.
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Journal Journal: I got banned! (Slashdot mods are awesome!) 2

I was banned from Slashdot for about a day.

If too many of a user's submissions get modded "spam", the Slashdot system automatically bans the account. I've been posting a lot of political stories, and someone(s) went and marked them all as "spam", and I got banned.

You can check my submissions yourself to see if you think they are spam.

If you think they *are* spam or otherwise inappropriate, I'd like to hear about it. I don't want to get banned again, and in any event I'm happy to behave more in keeping with what people want.

Kudos to Slashdot mod Logan who actually received and addressed my feedback about this!

Imagine - a corporate mod actually received and read a complaint, looked over the account, and unbanned it!

Totally blew my expectations.

Slashdot rocks.

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Journal Journal: Slowness of Slashdot

Slashdot used to be superfast

No matter where I happened to be - be it in America, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa or in Australia, - Slashdot loads up fast

No matter if the device is a smartphone or a desktop PC, you could almost always count on Slashdot to load fast

But no more

Now Slashdot takes something like 10+ seconds to load, and sometimes it took more than half a minute to load

What happened?

Has Dice shrunk the pipe to the Slashdot server?

Furthermore, Slashdot has been giving a lot of troubles, lately

Just now I was reading back stories on Slashdot, and when it hit " " the Slashdot server gave me this:

No matches found. Try a different search or head back to the main stories

What gives???

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Journal Journal: Wanna create stuffs?

You like to tinker with stuffs? You like to create new things? You are interested in IoT (Internet of Things)?

Then you are in luck. There's a site (no, not related to me in any way) that has been set up for people just like you

It's been funded by Foxconn (and no, I ain't related in any way with Foxconn either) and what the site is doing is to provide tinkerers a venue to propose their idea and if their idea has merit, Foxconn will build it (prototype and all) and if the idea is really interesting, Foxconn might even make your product for you (of course, Foxconn gonna take a big cut, but then, they provide the funding)

Site's name?

One last thing ... a minor inconvenience. This site is in Chinese

I am posting this site on /. because Slashdot supposed to be a place for geeks who like to get their hands dirty inventing stuffs

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Journal Journal: Fuck implicitly endorsing racist communities. I'm out 6

I have no more tolerance for the bigoted fucks on slashdot.
I lived through dice and beta.
I didn't mind the things I saw as advertisements.
I had my fair share of debates I learned something from.

But the level of tolerance of racism and sexism on the part of slashdot users has gotten to be just too much. There's a level of shitty user base I just can't stand. At this point, with all the neo-misogynists and racial realists, and the widespread tolerance and endorsement of their positions by moderators, I can't see this being a community with meaningful insight anymore.

I'm sure none of those shitty people will be sorry to see me leave.

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Journal Journal: The Danger of Over-Reliance on the Net 2

Since its inception the Net has taken over much of human civilization's attention and it has become the main viaduct for much of the communication and information flow, so much so that the act of letter-writing has become an ancient (and almost extinct) art

In other words, an over-reliance on the Internet has developed, and the problem is getting more and more serious

Internet will not last forever, and if that happen, what will human societies become?

History is filled with stories of collapsed of civilization, one of which we can learn lesson from is the Late Broze Age Collapse

Before the arrival of late bronze age collapse, nation states around the Mediterranean Sea and the Anatolia region had trading ties with each others. Along with the trade ties, cultural exchanges ensured that new ideas, new stories, new designs continually replendish and revive the otherwise isolated cultural groupings dotting along the coast line of the Mediterranean

However, with the collapses of the Hittite empire and the New Kingdom of Egypt, trade between the nation states dwindled and cultural centers all around the Mediterranean Sea suffered a domino-effect cultural crash

While people might argue that the Internet will not fail, that it will go on forever, but what if it fails and ceases to exist ? What will happen next ?

Our over-reliance on the Net is a worrying trend, and we should ponder the possible consequence before it happen
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Journal Journal: When are you going to tackle the spam problem, Slashdot ?

The thread has been seriously spammed, and that troll that does the spamming always spam threads that are related to "NSA"

So what are you going to do with the spam problem, Slashdot ?

If you can not stop that bot from spamming you, at the very least offer us an 'un-friend' feature so that we can make a tick on the box next to that fucker, and forever and ever we won't need to see any more of his spam

Will you do that, Slashdot ?

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Journal Journal: Would a boycott of help? 1

Dice holdings gets most of its money through its main website, and the employees they can provide. Would it help convince them we're serious if we boycott this site next time we need a job?

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Journal Journal: Is it a taboo to use the full name of Obama ? 1

In the comment I was commenting that the Nobel Peace Prize committee should take back the prize that they have wrongly awarded to Obama.

In the comment I used the full name of Obama, which is Barack Hussein Obama, which in fact, is the LEGAL NAME of the current POTUS.

For whatever reason, a fella "Stargoat" flamed me for using the full name of Obama and specifically accuse me of using the name of "Hussein" !

I was totally floored by the way that knee jerk threw his temper tantrum. I mean, The word "Hussein" isn't my invention, I wasn't the one who "gave" Obama that name.

It was Obama's dad who gave him that "Hussein". Not me.

Is it a taboo to use the full name of Obama ?

If it has become illegal to use Obama's full name, why don't they make an official law from now on, making it a federal offense for any "peon" to call the Emperor/ President / Dictator of the United States of America by his/her full name ?

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