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Comment Is it creepy to anyone else... (Score 1) 102

Is it creepy to anyone else that they're referred to as customers?
Since the government isn't funding any of this stuff, it looks like corporations will already be holding those going to Mars hostage and the future of interplanetary travel is capitalist in nature... thoughts?

Comment Re:Unexpected? Shouldn't be. (Score 1) 113

It was anonymized data. All it collected was stuff like time of day and settings; the vibrator didn't ask for your social security number, date of birth, bank account number, and names of friends!

No, this class action suit is a troubling and CLASSIC version of Americans getting all worked up about sex as well as getting money because litigation.
They collect anonymous usage stats on software and hardware constantly. his just happens to refer to sex.

Grow up, America.

Comment Re:Alrighty (Score 2) 445

Financial industry here:

At least for my little bubble of it, we're EXPLICITLY banned (we'll get blasted out of the industry) for doing or even mentioning business over personal email.
Like, black mark on your FINRA record, no one should hire you kinda stuff.

I'm sure it happens, but our compliance guys are zealous about that stuff. Why don't politicians have compliance guys?

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