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Submission + - Garriott wins $28 million lawsuit against NCsoft 1

UgLyPuNk writes: Lord British himself, Richard Garriott, has won a US$28 million lawsuit against game developers NCsoft Corp. It seems that Garriott felt NCsoft didn’t handle his 2008 departure from the company in the appropriate manner – it came down to he said / they said: he said he was fired, NCsoft said he left voluntarily.

Submission + - Sometimes It's OK To Steal My Games. (

spidweb writes: One Indie developer has written a nuanced article on how software piracy affects him, approaching the issue from the opposite direction. He lists the ways in which the widespread piracy of PC games helps him. From the article, "You don't get everything you want in this world. You can get piles of cool stuff for free. Or you can be an honorable, ethical being. You don't get both. Most of the time. Because, when I'm being honest with myself, which happens sometimes, I have to admit that piracy is not an absolute evil. That I do get things out of it, even when I'm the one being ripped off." The article also tries to find a middle ground between the Piracy-Is-Always-Bad and Piracy-Is-Just-Fine sides of the argument that might enable single-player PC games to continue to exist.
Open Source

Submission + - Sky UK HD boxes switch over to open source (

jogu writes: Sky have just started rolling out over the air updates to their SkyHD boxes. Big news in the new update is they seem to have moved from OpenTV's closed OS over to linux — along with many of the common associated components: xfree86, busybox, ISC dhcp. They seemed to be going out their way to comply fully with the GPL and other licenses. It raises all sorts of questions — why have Sky done this now? Will this open the way to a healthy modding community?

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