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Submission + - Internet radio rates settled. Small stations to go

S-100 writes: SoundExchange has reached an agreement for royalty rates with a consortium of Internet radio broadcasters. The parties are ecstatic that the issue is finally resolved, and that the new rates are below the previous "death to Internet radio" levels that had previously been imposed by the CARB. According to NewsFactor, Pandora founder Tim Westergren proclaims that "the royalty crisis is over!", and other large broadcasters are equally pleased. One unheard-from group is less likely to be pleased: small Internet radio broadcasters. Buried in the details are a new minimum royalty payment: $25,000 per year. So say goodbye to all of the small Internet radio stations that you have been listening to, as they will no longer afford to operate legally.

Submission + - XP SP3 removes /y functionality from DEL

RoundTop-VJAS writes: We have a few old batch scripts that we run on computers occasionally to clear up some files, however some of them stopped working recently, right after SP3 came out. I tested it and much to my surprise, Microsoft has removed the /y command from DEL in the command prompt/batch files for Windows XP SP3. This means no Del *.* /y commands. Nothing is silent anymore.

So how do we work around it, while still using batch scripts, needing wild cards?
United States

Submission + - SPAM: US offering $45M for huge wind energy test bed

coondoggie writes: "On a day when one of the largest wind farm plans bit the dust, the US Department of Energy is offering up a five-year, $45 million grant to design and build a large dynamometer facility for testing 5 to 15 MW rated wind turbines and equipment. The DOE says such a facility is needed as the US has fallen behind other countries in the race to build ever-larger wind turbines for energy production. According to the DOE, the average size of wind turbines installed in the United States in 2007 increased to roughly 1.65 MW. Additionally, turbines already developed range in the 2.5 MW to 3.5 MW capacity sizes; with plans being developed for even greater power ratings. The larger wind turbines have outpaced the availability of US-based testing facilities, the DOE stated. [spam URL stripped]"
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Submission + - MIT develops camera-like fabric (

suraj.sun writes: Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a fabric made of a mesh of light-sensitive fibers that collectively act like a rudimentary camera. The fibers, which each can detect two frequencies of light, produced signals that when amplified and processed by a computer reproduced an image of a smiley face near the mesh.

"This is the first time that anybody has demonstrated that a single plane of fibers, or 'fabric,' can collect images just like a camera but without a lens," said Yoel Fink, an associate professor of materials science, who along with colleagues described the approach in a the journal Nano Letters ( ).

MIT suggested that the technology, if developed further, could give a soldier a uniform that would help him see threats in all directions. Optical fiber webs, by distributing the chore across a large area, would be less susceptible to damage in one area.

CNET News :

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