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Submission + - Planets Party In The Morning (universetoday.com)

Phoghat writes: "Set your alarm clocks for an early treat about a half an hour before sunrise on Thursday April 28 through Sunday, May 1, 2011, as there will be a planetary delight in store!
Find an unobscured view of the Eastern horizon to see a conjunction (objects near each other in the sky) of the planets Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury, below and to the left of the thin crescent moon.
Bright Venus will be easy to spot first, then Mercury followed by Jupiter. The real challenge is to find Mars which will be very close to Jupiter. See the above diagram for help on where each object is located."

Submission + - TEDxYYC - Can Thorium End Our Energy Crisis? (youtube.com)

gordm writes: "Many Slashdot readers are probably familiar with the concept of LFTR: Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors (a type of molten salt reactor). Recently, a new TEDx Talk went live featuring a very accessible 10 minute introduction to LFTR.

Enthusiasts (including myself) are hoping this video will help bring the subject to a much wider audience. As opposed to the ADHD mindset (and forgiveness of low video resolution) required by LFTR in 16 Minutes."


Submission + - Times threatens legal action over email copyright (medialens.org) 1

MrSteveSD writes: The media watch group Media Lens has been threatened with legal action over publishing an email sent by the Times chief foreign commentator, Bronwen Maddox. The Times are claiming it is a breach of copyright. If you indicated in an email to a journalist that you intended to quote from their reply, would that change anything legally? Should you even have to make such an indication when writing to a journalist in their official capacity and what does this mean for efforts to hold the media to account over their news coverage?

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