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Comment Re:Cell 2.0 (Score 1) 110

The Cell was a forerunner to GPGPU computing. You wrote a "kernel" for each SPE, streamed data in and gathered data coming out. Signal processing, crypto, physics, tweening, collision detection etc. It was basically what GPUs became in due course, providing a way to do general purpose computation in parallel and faster than a CPU could do by itself.

Comment Re:24 cores, vs 256 cores Tegra X1 (Score 1) 110

Personally if I were designing something, be it a building, bridge, machinery plant or whatever and I wanted to view what it looked like for real, I'd find far more use in a VR headset. That would let me look at the thing in full scale, allow me to fly around and view it from other angles, play around with scenery, lighting etc. Basically I could model the thing I'm designing and where it's going to go and have full freedom to do what I want in that space.

AR would just present some dinky version of the thing being designed fixed to a table top or similar. It might be cute but it doesn't seem as practical. It certainly seems a reach to pitch Hololens to such limited professional use and hope it will take off.

Comment Re:Now what about all the other S apps? (Score 1) 70

I don't mind Samsung providing their own apps but how they bake them into firmware. They could be preinstalled in the user partition or offered during device setup. They could even fetch the list of apps to promote / install at setup time rather than 6 months ago when the firmware was finalized meaning they'd be more relevant (e.g. this canned music service).

Either way it would let them shrink the firmware partition meaning more storage for user data and reduce the packaging / testing cycle for updates. I don't see it would hurt their branding or cross-promotion either since most people would choose the defaults anyway.

Comment Re: Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 538

See, you can't even fairly paraphrase what I wrote either. I didn't write it was better for maintainers, though I'm sure it is. I wrote that dists didn't have a gun pointed to their heads when they adopted it. I expect that decision takes into account the benefits to everyone. And yes the response was a straw man.

I'm sure the extremely shrill and vocal minority who don't like systemd (or upstart) can throw their weight behind Devuan. It could do with all the help it can get.

Everyone else, maintainers and users can benefit from a pid 1 system that improves start up times, security, logging, concurrency, service dependencies and still lets people invoke sysvinit scripts if they have reason to. It is curious how dists like Ubuntu, RHEL / Fedora et al manage to function in a completely satisfactory and stable fashion considering how some people like to imply they're built on sand.

Comment Now what about all the other S apps? (Score 1) 70

Samsung devices ship with a lot of crap all baked into firmware - their own apps and stubs for others. If they must preinstall then it should be to user partition where it can be removed. Better yet, ask during device setup and don't install it at all unless users answer in the affirmative. Same goes for all the junk that networks throw up on top.

I don't understand why this is so difficult to do. It probably makes their lives easier for firmware updates too since there is less to go wrong or test if the apps aren't part of the image.

Comment Re:Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 538

No one is forced to do anything they don't want in Linux. If you don't like what one dist does, go to another. If no dist serves your need, then make your own. As it happens there is already a systemd-free dist called Devuan. Knock yourself out with it. Maybe you should even disable updates lest you inadvertently install some improvement.

Comment Re:Map based solutions? (Score 1) 133

Tested and they still require hundreds of human interventions to stop the car doing some immediately dangerous. That doesn't even count the thousands probably tens of thousands of inteventions where the car simply did something dumb.

Driverless vehicles are classified in 4 (or 5) levels. Level 4 is completely autonomous vehicles. Some define level 5 as being fully autonomous without even driver controls. Google's driverless car is barely level 4, possibly a high level 3 since it still requires driver assistance.

Comment Re:"you get..." (Score 1) 124

Exactly right for 2). There are lots of Pi-style clones out there, many of which are significantly higher spec than the Pi is. What the Pi enjoys is the community and support which means there are multiple dists, documentation, howtos, tutorials, magazines, books, peripherals, robot kits, cases etc. to use with it.

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