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Comment Clicked the link, didn't see a building (Score 1) 53

The robot managed to build a giant letter C in expanding foam. It is FAR from being a habitable building built in a day. It has no poured concrete (or steel reinforcers), no floor, no roof, no internal / external rendering, no windows, no plumbing, wiring, no damp seal, no partitions etc.

All of that implies a team of builders turning up to finish what the robot started. And that kind of begs the question how much benefit was derived from hauling out a giant robot arm and tanker of foam in the first place. Building techniques such as insulated concrete formwork is already a thing and does more or less the same thing except to any shape and to a better finish.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 367

There is absolutely no merit in claiming COBOL is "easier to learn" and I supplied valid examples. What COBOL may or may not have done 30 or 40 years ago is an irrelevance now. That masochists might be able to make it do is an irrelevance too. I could probably write a web application in Brainfuck, not that I want to.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2) 367

COBOL is an arcane, baroque and verbose language which serves a very singular purpose in business - processing records. I fail to see how it's "easier to learn" unless all you ever wish to learn in computing is how to process records on mainframe computers.

If you learn computing because you want to write a game, or a website, or an application, or manage a database. i.e. if you learn for the reasons that 99.99% of people learn for then COBOL is unsuitable. Any general purpose language would be more suitable than COBOL for learning. If Java doesn't float your boat then there are the likes of C#, Python, Go, Dart, C++, Ruby etc.

It's hard to see how you think OO has "failed" given that virtually every piece of modern software uses it implicitly or explicitly.

Comment Re:Boycott (Score 1) 89

Yes because UEFA controls the police operation doesn't it? And UEFA is really going to put its foot down on tech that is there to weed out people convicted of violent crimes, fans with match bans, suspected terrorists etc. from attending the game. Because it's not like Europe has a general problem with football match violence or terrorism to be concerned about is it?

Back in the real world, the police plan the operation and they are going to bring all the tools to bear that the law allows for.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 177

The directive is unambiguously clear - type 2 and combo 2 are the baseline from that date onwards. Charge stations may also support chademo or Tesla's Mennekes extension if they so wish but in addition to CCS. It's hard to see how any charging network could exempt themselves from the requirements without pretending they're some kind of private members club, but in the process lose themselves business.

And CCS isn't "crappy". It's still a very straightforward system that supports AC and DC with a protocol that negotiates the rate between charger and car. It's a shame that the Euro version didn't adopt Tesla's DC extension over Mennekes to reduce footprint a bit but it's still fine for its purpose. Certainly much better than chademo which has been rightly called a frankencharger and doesn't even do AC charging. Leaf cars have their charge ports in the nose of the car to house separate DC and AC (type 1 or 2) charge systems. The chademo system has reached its high water mark in Europe, it won't be going anywhere from now on.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 177

It's almost as if I said that... "Obviously there is over 3 years to go on this and charge stations can be grandfathered in."

It doesn't mean new stations are going to be built blindly without regard to legislation coming into force within a short period of time. And even now there are more than enough CCS combo 2 vehicles to justify supporting what will soon be mandatory.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 177

Not at all. There's noting in Europe that requires Tesla to provide any charging to anyone else (and they don't now either).

Yes there is. Here is the directive that comes into force on 31 Dec 2020. The directive covers a bunch of stuff about alternative fuel but in this case, the salient point is that charging stations MUST offer combo 2 chargers and MUST charge on a non-discriminatory basis. There is also a bunch of other good stuff about non-discriminatory charging across borders and so forth.

Obviously there is over 3 years to go on this and charge stations can be grandfathered in. But nobody is going to turn soil on a new charger station without paying attention to what it says. Tesla included. All charge stations built after that will be required to offer "at least" a combo 2 charger. What they do beyond that is up to them.

Tesla has already made positive sounds about supporting other vehicles so I don't see it being an issue as such in Europe. I would be more concerned with the US where it seems lawmakers are happy to see vertical markets build up and for consumers to be the victims in a format war.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 177

Yes the car could use some proprietary port and force owners to use adapter cables every time to charge their car. But then their car will suck and people will take note of the fact.

The situation for a phone is different because most people would get a charger for their phone and predominantly charge through that. .

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 177

It will be the law by Dec 31 2020 that:

Direct current (DC) high power recharging points for electric vehicles shall be equipped, for interoperability purposes, at least with connectors of the combined charging system ‘Combo 2’ as described in standard EN 62196-3.

So Tesla charging stations will have to support type 2 CCS. At the end of the day it's all money to them so I'm not sure it is a disadvantage to exclude other vehicles. Elon Musk has made statements that they want to support other vehicles and Tesla is part of the EU charging initiative CharIn so I'm expecting they're playing ball.

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