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Road Train Completes First Trials In Sweden 345

Hugh Pickens writes "BBC reports technology that links vehicles into 'road trains' that can travel as a semi-autonomous convoy has undergone its first real world tests with trials held on Volvo's test track in Sweden. Researchers believe platoons of cars could be traveling on Europe's roads within a decade cutting fuel use, boosting safety and may even reducing congestion. SARTRE researchers say that around 80% of accidents on the road are due to human error so using professional lead drivers to take the strain on long journeys could, they say, see road accidents fall. They also predict fuel efficiency could improve by as much as 20% if 'vehicle platooning' takes off, with obvious benefits for the environment. 'An automated system is likely to make it safer as it takes away driver error but it would have to be 100% reliable,' says John Franklin 'This kind of system would also require a complete change in motoring culture for drivers to hand over control.'"

Submission + - Escher Lithographs Recreated Entirely With Lego

colenski writes: Andrew Lipson is a lego freak who does amazing creations. Neatorama has a nice page detailing his efforts in recreating famous Escher lithographs as real, 3D objects. He does admit to cheating a bit (to create the distortion in "Balcony", for example, he hacked together an image transform in C) but, still, the results are brilliant. For Escher and Lego fans, this is a must-see. Construction details for "Balcony", "Ascending and Descending", "Belevedere", "Relativity" and "Waterfall" are provided. Nice.

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