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Submission + - Nevada Passes Law Authorizing Driverless Cars (

DrEldarion writes: "Via Forbes: "The State of Nevada just passed Assembly Bill No. 511 which, among other things, authorizes the Department of Transportation to develop rules and regulations governing the use of driverless cars, such as Google’s concept car, on its roads." Pretty soon, cars will be able to dump their own dead bodies into the Nevada desert."

Submission + - AP harasses own member over AP Youtube videos (

DrEldarion writes: "The Associated Press, who has been acting very bipolar lately about Google News (they get paid by Google for their content, and then complain about Google "stealing" that content), has another issue with not knowing what their association is up to: they set up a channel on Youtube, and then threatened an AP affiliate for embedding that content."

Submission + - Schmidt tells newspapers not to piss off consumers (

DrEldarion writes: "Proving once again that Google understands the internet a lot better than the old media companies, CEO Eric Schmidt had this to say at a conference: "I would encourage everybody, think in terms of what your reader wants. These are ultimately consumer businesses and if you piss off enough of them, you will not have any more." Will they heed his warning or end up like the RIAA/MPAA?"

Submission + - Chrome only browser left standing at Pwn2Own (

DrEldarion writes: "After day one of Pwn2Own, Google's Chrome was the only browser that hadn't been compromised.

Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer were all exploited during the Pwn2Own competition that took place at the conference. Google's Chrome browser, however, was the only one left standing--a victory that security researchers attribute to its innovative sandbox feature.


XBox (Games)

Submission + - Halo 3 not HD - runs at 640p (

DrEldarion writes: "Via Joystiq

Halo 3 has quickly come under fire for disc-read errors and scratched discs, but now some tech heads on the Beyond 3D forums have found what they believe to be evidence that the quintessential game of Microsoft's 'all games in HD' console runs natively at a paltry 640p — not 720p, not HD* — and then upscales

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Haze 360 and PC ports dropped. (

DrEldarion writes: "Kotaku writes that the 360 and PC ports of Haze have been dropped:

Today Ubisoft told Gamespot that "currently no other versions in development, and although it was still leaving the door open in the future for "new partnerships," currently the game is indeed only planned for the PS3."

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - 10GB of audio data alone in Heavenly Sword (

DrEldarion writes: "Via Kotaku,

How big is Heavenly Sword? No idea, but the game's audio, from sound effects to music to cutscene dialog amounts to a whopping 10 GB of data. With three and a half hours of music and 4500 lines of voice over work, in eleven languages, it apparently starts to add up.
A sign of things to come? Perhaps Blu-ray as a storage medium wasn't such a bad idea after all."

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