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Comment Re:For the Brooklyn Impaired (Score 1) 743

Apology accepted.

Gaudy or not, if you're a kid, the lights on 84th Street (the one with the mechanical Santa) are really something special. They even hire a guy in a Santa outfit every year to listen to kids Christmas lists. The neighbors across the street from them also hire a Santa, and I believe one of the families (or both) accept donations for charities to help the less fortunate during the holiday season... you know, the people who can't afford life sized robots as decoration.

Which leads me to my other point. As a Nerd, you have to, on some level, appreciate that big, scary, talking robotic Santa Claus. If not that, then how about the life-sized, animatronic, dancing figures portraying the characters in the Nutcracker? If those don't impress you, surely the two-story tall wooden soldiers (which friggin' march, by the way!) have to make you stop and stare. I thought Nerds loved robots? Seriously, this is some Epcot Center, Worlds Fair, Disneyland type of shit. Not bad for someone's lawn ornaments.

Personally, I would take a custom, over-the-top, robotic display like this any day over the mundane "me-too" displays of the suburbs (flat, white, puzzle piece or twig bundle reindeer; inflateable characters; etc) which try so desperately to be fashionable, that they all look alike.

P.S. Shout outs to all my Guinea Brooklynite Nerds... or am I the only one?

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