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Comment Re:Cathode (Score 1) 352

I was hoping someone else chimed in with Cathode. It's like getting to use my Heath-Zenith H89 without having to risk blowing it's caps when I turn it on. There's no other way to play classic adventure and text based games like MUSHes.

You can turn all the 'errors' down to where it only jitters when you switch into the active window, or just pussy out and quit using it. We didn't have that choice in 1978 and we don't want it now!

Comment Re:I did this (Score 1) 492

4 years in a converted bus here... amen to the savings. I think it also changes the way you look at material things when storage is at a premium. It's a lot easier to leave things on the shelf at the store simply because there was no place for them at home. Still, plenty of room for a good computer, big TV and big enough food prep area to turn out some pretty decent dinners.

Comment Re:Why not a motorhome? (Score 1) 492

Not totally true... You're not allowed to live anywhere you please in a motorhome, but you can legally live in any state if you rent a slot at an RV park and every state and most towns have one. The guy should have spent his money on a flat nosed school bus that could pass as a BlueBird motorhome with a coat of paint. They can be had for under a grand in goor running order at school district auctions, then the other 9k would put in a toilet, air conditioner, fresh and wastewater storage. I know, I did it. I spent four years legally living in my converted bus while I rebuilt my credit scores and now it's parked behind my house (also quite legal if you put it behind a fence in many towns). I'm not allowed to 'live' in it while behind the house, but it makes a hell of workshop now.

When I wasn't in an RV park ($300/mo rent) I would swap parking space at constructions sites for 'night security'. They were happy to have me on site until the places were getting occupied, then I'd either find another site or rent a 'lot' at an RV park.

One last little fact not generally known, Walmart allows overnight RV parking at all their stores. It encourages their owners to come in and buy the things they need for their trips.

Submission + - Construction at SpaceXâ(TM)s new spaceport about to begin

schwit1 writes: SpaceX has begun prepping the construction sites at its private spaceport in Brownsville, Texas.

The county has begun work on a road to where the spaceport command center will be, and SpaceX has established its construction headquarters in a double-wide trailer there. It is expected that actual construction of the command center will begin in August, with the launchpad construction to follow.

The expected cost for building the entire spaceport: $100 million. Compare that to the billions the Russians are spending for Vostochny, or the billions that NASA spends on comparable facilities.

Submission + - Hanging out with Someone who Walked on the Moon (

szczys writes: Greg Charvat recently sat in on an MIT course called "Engineering Apollo". For this set of sessions, David Scott recounted his experience as an astronaut. David was the commander of the Apollo 15 mission, flew several others, and took part in the development of much of the equipment used in the moon missions. This class is him hanging around with a bunch of engineers talking in a level of detail rarely heard.

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