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Comment ISSUE #001: Sex Advice With Dr. Scott Lockwood! (Score 1) 2

ISSUE #001 - 2002 Dec 07
Sex Advice With Dr. Scott Lockwood (PhD)

Editor's Note:
Sex Advice with Dr. Scott Lockwood (PhD) will be a weekly column in which renowned homocologist Dr. Scott Lockwood (PhD) answers the sexual questions you've always been too afraid to ask. As a dedicated felcher, cocksmoker, rimmer, and sodomite, Dr. Scott (PhD) is well qualified to answer any questions you might have. Unless your question involves females, in which case he'll have no clue. Please restrict your questions to his medical specialty, the field of homocology.

Please reply to this post/diary with your sex questions for Dr. Scott Lockwood (PhD), and I'll select the best ones and pass them on to him for him to include in the next issue. If you require confidentiality or don't want to post in a public forum, then e-mail your questions to Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Our first question comes from a Mr. Peter "Shoeboy" Johnson in Utah.

Dear Dr. Scott (PhD):

I've been sucking cock for quite a few years now, and I've always wanted to take the plunge into the world of the anus, but I'm afraid. I've nevar done anything like this before. Can you give me a quick introduction to anal sex, and tell me how I can get started "riding teh Hershey Highway"?


Editor's Note:
Excellent question, Peter! Thanks for writing in! It's good to see thriving homosexual communities all around the country. Just watch out for all those Mormons in Salt Lake City: I hear that the penalty for Sodomy in your state is still death by firing squad. Don't get caught!

I passed your question along to the good doctor, and he replies...

Dear Shoeboy:

Absolutely. I was never interested in men's assholes until about four years ago, and suddenly I started thinking about them more and more. Here's the deal: If you want to have anal sex with a boy, there's no quicker way to it than to show him how turned on you are by licking and fingering his ass.

I don't always go there right away, but if you've had sex with a boy a couple times, and you haven't tried already, while you're doing him, reach around and gently rub his asshole with your finger, in a circular motion. If you're shy about it, just reach around like you're grabbing his ass-cheeks and make sure you reach far enough to 'accidentally' touch his anus with one of his fingers. If you hear him moan louder, you're set. Rub that asshole a little, and then ease the tip of your finger in there. This is even more effective if you look deeply in his eyes while you do it. I've only had one boy stop me dead in my tracks because it was a turn off for him.

Once you know he likes having his asshole touched, you can ease a finger in during oral sex, maybe two. If he's responding even more favorably, I'll just look up and say very seriously, "Oh god, baby, I want to lick your asshole." At this point, some boys will even roll right over and stick their ass in the air, ready for you to star licking. The key here is to act like you love licking that ass even more than you loved eating his cock. Don't worry, it tastes a little strange at first, but it's not that bad, especially if it's a nice, clean hairless one. Keep licking his ass and slide a finger or two in. It's a good idea to get a couple fingers in there, because it relaxes them for anal sex. The fingers in the ass are especially beneficial if they've never done it before, because it wont hurt so much when you slide it in their ass.

If you've gotten this far, it's not uncommon for a boy to beg for you to put it in his ass after you've been licking it for a few minutes. I've had a few anal virgins do this, one of them didn't even realize he liked to have his asshole stimulated until he met me.

Now, it's not for every boy, you'll be reading the signs as you go from one stage to the next. If you don't get the requisite non-verbal encouragement from them, just slow down, maybe try again later. Some boys are a bit weirded out at first if they've never had guys fingering/licking their asshole, and it will take them a while to get used to the idea that someone would actually want to do that. Don't mistake their 'weirded-outness' in this case with a dislike for anal stimulation. Once you've proven over time that you really do enjoy it, they'll relax and let themselves enjoy it too. Some boys are all right with kissing you afterwards, but make sure to assume that they wont want to. He'll let you know one way or the other.

Regardless of how you get there, there are few things in life that are as beautiful as bringing an anal virgin, or any boy for that matter, to the point where he's begging you with all his heart to fuck him in the ass.

Dr. Scott Lockwood (PhD), Homocologist

Editor's Note:
I hope you've enjoyed the first issue of Sex Advice with Dr. Scott Lockwood (PhD). Post your sex questions here, and Dr. Scott (PhD) may include them in the next issue, or e-mail them in.

Best Wishes,
Teh Editorial Staff

(DISCLAIMER: Sex Advice with Dr. Scott Lockwood (PhD) is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for qualified medical advice. The use of the terms "Dr." and "PhD" should not be construed as implying that Dr. Scott Lockwood (PhD) is a licensed medical professional.)

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