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Comment Re:More Publicly Financed Toys for the Wealthy (Score 1) 401

Whenever there becomes a time that you mature, I hope you realize in that point in time that subsidies are normally (but not always) for the betterment of society in the long run. The tech that Tesla is researching and developing may very well be the basis of a lot of future EV tech.

As far as your other complaints, cursory googling suggests that all of the problems were from test vehicles, the problems were being worked on, and the reason the problems occurred in the first place was because the testers were driving the car as hard as possible for as long as possible. - All of which are not necessarily normal circumstances.

As for the range itself, like any other vehicle, depends on how hard you drive it. My 2010 Camaro can potentially get more 20mpg on the highway, but since I like driving my vehicles hard, it gets less. Should I start saying bad things about the range because I abuse my vehicle?

Comment New approach (Score 1) 229

IMO, the real problem lies with the RIAAs approach. People are naturally going to get behind and support the little person here regardless of who is in the right. People like to cheer for the underdog and this is exactly what the RIAA tactics encourage. They will never win the battle against copyright infringement in the long run unless they get the support of the masses and change the current cultural perception that copying/downloading music/movies etc is acceptable. If the public were to see good artists struggling to survive, then peoples attitudes towards the subject would change. Instead we see mediocre performers living lavish and excessive lifestyles while the rest of the world struggles to just get by.

Comment Re:What about changing the templates (Score 1) 353

Why do the spammers have to be on one particular side? It's an arms race, which is more like a game of cat and cat; we both (the good guys and the bad guys) want end users to get just the messages we send. Each will do whatever it takes to get in the others' way. In my experience, it's just as fun (and a lot more gratifying) to stay on the good side.

Comment Re:It depends on what you want and how you use it (Score 1) 306

Not sure. I don't use it often enough to keep track. I'd make a call now and check it, but I'd have to charge it first :-) Seriously, I'd been waiting for years for some company to be smart enough to do what Virgin did. There were prepaid plans before, but most of those required you to stay on top of things -- didn't have the "auto-top-up." I really just wanted a phone for, well, not emergencies, exactly, but contingencies, where things might change in an unexpected fashion. I wanted a phone I hardly ever use, but where I could keep the same number for years and could do more than call 911. For around $65.00 / year, I'm a happy camper. BTW, I haven't looked at their plans in awhile, but last time I looked they had (to compete with similar offerings from other companies, no doubt) two mid-range plans that were obviously for people who couldn't do algebra. One of them was only a good deal (better than their other offerings) if you used between 100 and 120 minutes per month, and the only one was only better if you used between 200 and 220. Any more or less, and you would have been better off with something else.

Comment Re:PhD required? (Score 1) 1093

Apparently those brilliant people who understand statistics can't be bothered to refute AGW. Might it be perhaps because some of them HAVE looked at the process, consider it sound, and don't find it worthy of their time to add an "I agree" to the endless posting of much more valid scientific work?

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