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Submission + - AMD Steamroller architecture to improve per-core performance (

Dr. Damage writes: "AMD's next-gen Bulldozer architecture hasn't performed up to expectations--it's relatively power-hungry and has weak performance, especially in desktop-style applications that require strong single-thread performance. Fortunately, AMD revealed today at Hot Chips that it is working to improve single-thread performance and energy efficiency with Steamroller, an upcoming architectural refresh."

Submission + - Dual-GPU monsters face off, raise questions (

Dr. Damage writes: Nvidia's new GeForce GTX 590 poses an interesting question to the subset of folks who buy $700 dual-GPU graphics cards: does performance rank above all else, or do considerations like board size and noise levels matter more? This latest high-end GeForce isn't quite as fast as AMD's similarly outrageous Radeon HD 6990, but it's smaller and substantially quieter. Based on the numbers, the Radeon's louder fan may be easier to hear than the card's slightly higher frame rates are to see.

Submission + - Radeon HD 5830 compared... to GeForce 7900 (

Dr. Damage writes: AMD has a new $239 graphics card out, the Radeon HD 5830, that might be a good upgrade for some folks. What if you're upgrading from a graphics card in that same price range that's two, three, or four years old? How much of an improvement can you expect? And is the new Radeon a good value for the money? This review compares it, and a host of today's other graphics cards, to products dating back up to four years ago, including a couple of GeForce 7900s.

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