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Submission + - New Routing Algorithm for Cellphone Games ( 2

An anonymous reader writes: The Robbins Diamonds Dash is one of the early high-profile uses of a new locational routing algorithm developed by SCVNGR technlogies. This algorithm (called SmartRoute) is used to route people playing location based mobile games on their cell phones. The game itself is pitched around the fact that Robbins Diamonds has hidden a 20,000 dollar diamond ring somewhere in Philadelphia and is inviting 250 couples to play this game, on their cell phones, to try to find the diamond ring first. One lucky couple gets to keep it. The SmartRoute algorithm itself, developed by several engineers out of Princeton University, is the first of its kind to dynamically route players on their mobile phones across a real-world game arena, without requiring GPS-enabled phones. SmartRoute handles the ambiguity inherent in location based games when applied across the broad spectrum of cell phones in the market. Some pretty interesting stuff. According to the founders, "it has a lot of potential applications beyond cool promotions, but we're glad to be demoing it to the world with this exciting Robbins Diamonds Dash event!" Read more about the game, and about the technology at

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