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Comment Re:Key word is "in the app store". (Score 1) 270

True, but I think that suddenly having to pay $1.99 will matter - at least to enough people that growl will no longer be used by other apps.

And this is what is so fucked about the general app store user...

$600 for a phone & $1200 for a shiny new laptop? Not a problem your Steve-ness

Nek minnit

$1.99 for a fucking app???? WHAT A FUCKING RIP OFF!!!

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 102

Actually it was about Wekas which are another New Zealand flightless native that is similarly protected. He suggested Kiwi could be farmed in a similar way but only as an aside to his main Weka topic. I suspect his initial claims were centred solely around Kiwi but he was not ballsy enough to come straight out and say "we should eat those fat little fuckers, have you ever seen cows on the endangered animals register?".
/New Zealander

Comment Re:Yes, go for it. (Score 1) 918

How the fuck did you manage to get such a properly insightful first post on /. before the trolls hit?

This is probably gonna be buried in the depths.... But I'm in a similar position to the asker, I am however in the fortunate position to be working in an ICT dept at a major university (for my country), but don't hold a degree in anything. Study is free for me, so I'm taking as much advantage as I can of the offer of both paid time off for lectures and the environment I am in. This will give me what I need to keep working where I want for the next 20 or so years.

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 1) 1654

The essential problem here is that people feel they NEED to use MS Word or an equivalent program for absolutely everything. I have been sent emails containing nothing but an MS Word attachment in which is contained... the "letter" I was being sent. It's crazy.

Oh, it gets much worse than that.

I work desktop support for a large University and regularly receive documents from users either explaining problems or to convert for them. The most common is an email containing nothing but a PowerPoint slide show containing a text only explanation of their problems!!
Now, I wouldn't mind so much if they used nice transitions and effects, but it's always just plain text on whatever template they used last time. These are people who are meant to be educating our next generations, and the worst culprit is someone who is regarded as a bit of an IT guru by his peers.

The real problem is, these people find one program that they can make text show up in, and just use that for everything

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