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Comment Guess History wasn't in his job requirements (Score 1) 922

The Electoral College system was not put in place for reasons that were specific to the time when it was created -- but because of the nature of our country. We have various centers of population that are far higher than other parts of the country (i.e. New York, LA, Chicago, Philly, San Diego, San Jose...) that are consolidated into just a few states. Because of this, it wouldn't take too long for Candidates to realize that if they want to maximize their campaign dollars, they just need to placate those centers of the population and leave the other 95% of the geography of the country and their population behind.

The system used in this country is designed to give the entire population a say, no matter their size or location. Further, it is designed to move slow -- so some fad, no matter how popular, can't damage the country too much.

This also brings up another interesting topic -- How the Hell did this Stanford professor get his job in the first place? Honestly, did he not realize something so obvious? Seriously, it is a basic concept that is repeated time and again throughout the constitution -- it is THE key reason why this government has worked for so long.

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