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Comment Re:Ubuntu Mobile ... (Score 1) 535

No, but I apparently have to remind people that they are a huge minority and their opinion is more or less irrelevant to what the real world thinks; and the real world does not give a flying fuck, nor does it know about, "unlocked bootloaders". It's a sacrilege in /., I know, but hey, maybe some of us should state the obvious. I will never buy a phone without an unlocked bootloader. You will not and perhaps many in /. will not. This does not a trend make, and at the end of the day the iphone is the best-selling phone and not one soul cares about it having a locked bootloader. At any rate, apologies if my tone was offensive to you at any point.

Comment Re:Remember Steam (Score 1) 344

You are actually the one confused there. Civ V is a steamworks game (and if it isn't, just find one that is). It works as follows: you buy the disk, you install it, it asks for the serial when it installs and when you put it in, it links the game to your steam account. You cannot, after it has been linked, sell the game. You can sell the disk, but you cannot install it without the serial.

Comment Re:Ubuntu Mobile ... (Score 1) 535

So you think that people want to upgrade their 2 year old phone because... what? The software isn't upgraded? You don't think that maybe it's because they can get a new phone, for free, that is five times as powerful, has a hugely better screen, a damn better camera, lasts longer and is better looking? You think if you gave people free upgrades on an unlocked phone, they'd keep the phone forever? You think those of us who have a Nexus don't upgrade because we have a good developer community?

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