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Comment If they actually believe this is true... (Score 1) 361

Then perhaps they should sue Microsoft regarding this anti-competitive behavior, so they can start deposing Microsoft employees under oath.

OTOH, since we're no longer a nation of laws, it's possible that even if Valve had Microsoft dead-to-rights, perhaps ${USPresident} would somehow intervene and protect Microsoft. Again.

Comment Re:I'm okay with it being rented (Score 1) 157

* The inability to prevent Windows 10 from phoning home for reasons I'm prevented from knowing.

If you care, there's a great PowerShell script available that turns off everything that's known so far. We're going to include it in our deployment script on principle.

Thanks for the link. I really hope I don't end up needing to us it. I really don't have the spare cycles to engage in an arms race with our OS vendor.

Comment Re:Got that, Microsoft shills? (Score 1) 144

I'm not saying this tool will completely block all of the data collected but, it does block the vast majority of it

We should probably be clear on what you mean by "vast majority" of data.

For example, suppose that the tool blocks 99% of Windows' phone-home calls, and reduces the number of bytes sent by 99%. But what does get through is all of my important passwords, PKI private keys, and bank account numbers.

Perhaps all we can really say is that using Anti-Beacon is probably better than nothing?

Comment False dichotomy (Score 2) 104

but due to the focusing of our phone hardware business, it will take longer than FY18 for us to reach our goal of 1 billion monthly active devices.

Did Microsoft just put on record that they're incapable of developing a desktop OS and a phone OS at the same time?

One would think that with their resources, they could afford two competent development teams.

Comment Re:Not binding (Score 2) 195

A contract requiring you to give you your first-born is not legally binding (in the United States), so that's no reason not to click "accept".

Does that mean that no contract was established, and therefore the product's consumer were genuinely accessing the company's computers without authorization?

Comment I'm okay with it being rented (Score 3, Interesting) 157

I don't mind if Windows 10 Pro is rented, per se. If the PC market is slowing, it strikes me as a reasonable way to fund (and incent) continued security patches and bug-fixes. I.e., make Microsoft re-earn my business every 6-12 months. After all, I can always migrate away at my leisure before the rental agreement expires.

However, I do object to other aspects of Windows 10, that if anything I would expect to get worse under such a model:

* An EULA that gives Microsoft unfettered access to all of my data, and using it in whatever way they see fit.

* The inability to assess each proposed patch, and to choose if/when to apply it.

* The inability to prevent Windows 10 from phoning home for reasons I'm prevented from knowing.

If it were just the rental cost, the cost/benefit analysis for my wife's photography business would be easy. But the snooping, and particular the risk of uncontrollable, unpreventable, unnecessary downtime on her production computers... that risk is unacceptable even if Windows 10 were perpetually free (as in beer).

I really don't look forward to the cost of migrating her photo-editing workstation to a sufficiently powerful Mac. But we'll probably need to find a way.

Comment Re:Telecommuting FTW (Score 1) 163

$5k/year for telecommute costs? Maintaining a VPN and having decent conferencing equipment shouldn't cost that much.

You're right, it doesn't. I was just trying to be conservative, because my main point was not that it was a cost-savings from the employer's perspective. (Although it almost certainly is, considering the saved money on office-space.)

Also, there's no need to price the cost of commuting into my salary, which is just a net win all around.

Comment Re:Telecommuting FTW (Score 1) 163

What types of thing does your employer maintain?

I was just trying to be conservative, which is why I pull the $5k out of thin air.

When I started up, I was given a ~$3500 budget for computer stuff and office furniture. Then we bought me a laptop for when I was on travel, which cost about $1200 IIRC.

Aside from that, there's the cost of having us travel to some random hotel for company meetings about 3 times/year. That probably averages about $800 per person per trip.

If/when we're more flush with cash, we may invest in something akin to large shared whiteboards. It would probably be a win in terms of productivity, but we'll save that experiment for a time when we can more easily afford for it to not pan out.

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