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Submission + - Plugging in problematic for EV drivers (

Doofus writes: The Washington Post has an interesting story this morning about the slow adoption rate expected for fully electric vehicles. The issues with recharging, both the time it takes to recharge and the availability of public recharging facilities when out on the road.

Additional concerns, like reduced range in colder weather, are also challenges to be overcome.

A number of early adopters, including several people leasing BMW's new MiniE, enjoy their cars, but bemoan the problems with charging. Two key numbers illustrate the problems of being an early adopter: 117,000 gas stations in the US, only 754 public recharging facilities.

Some people remain optimistic that the battery life and recharging issues will be resolved. On the other hand, we have been discussing battery advances as one of the key obstacles to mainstream EV adoption for the last 5-10 years. The reporter does point to one bright note on the infrastructure side: Nissan is planning to work to deploy about 7000 charging stations in five states.

Would by an electric vehicle, given your commuting/traveling habits? How many of us would take the risk of a longer-distance highway drive without knowing where the next rest stop is with an accessible outlet?

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