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Journal Journal: I do think I get my Raspberry Pi 3

To my complete and utter astonishment, I got my Raspberry Pi today. Not the one ordered at Farnell, but the one ordered at RS Online on 23 May 2012. Very quick. (Okay, for a piece of hardware with these kind of waiting lists) They never sent me an email that it was shipped. Nice surprise though.

Downside: the Farnell one should have shipped with a t-shirt. I like t-shirts... My wife doesn't, at least not the geeky ones.... So we'll just put this up as a draw ;-)


Submission + - Wales Launches Dwyer Petition ( 1

Stirling Newberry writes: "One of the important moral principles that has made everything we relish about the internet possible, from Wikipedia to YouTube, is that internet service providers need to have a safe harbour from what their users do. Writes Jimmy Wales to announce the launch of petition against the extradition of TVShack's Richard O'Dwyer. He does not defend violating copyright, but does argue that providers have a safe harbor from what their users do – and as the founder of what may be the largest user created site on the internet, not surprising.

His other point is that O'Dwyer is being extradited for activity that was not a crime in the UK, and for which he was not prosecuted there, raising the troubling question of who can be arrested under what laws in the internet era. For example, could you be extradited to India for blasphemy for running an atheist site so long as people in India could access it?"

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