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Submission + - London To Sydney In Four Hours (

beaverdownunder writes: Computer-aided design programs are tipped to solve the supersonic-over-land problem that prevented the original Concorde aircraft from flying over land.

Clive Dorman of 'The Age' reports that, "London to Sydney in four hours, they were saying, in the run-up to next month’s Farnborough air show outside London in the UK, which is one of the aerospace industry’s main annual sales jamborees.

Importantly, the boffins were talking about the technical details of breakthroughs in computer-aided design that they reckon can finally overcome the biggest obstacle – Concorde’s inability to fly supersonically over land."

Projected to be in commercial use by 2030, do you think such an aircraft will ever materialise?

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 141

Yeah. Solaris. I've downloaded and installed it a few times now. Both on hardware and in VM's. I play around with it, then end up deleting it. I don't do serious server work, and everything I need to do can be done quickly and easily in Linux. I guess that Solaris/openSolaris is important to some people, but not to the average geek. Certainly not to the average person, LMAO

It would be something of a shame if Solaris dies off - but I won't miss it a great deal. Weekend hackers? I think most of them will feel as I do. If not, then a bunch of them can band together, and do OpenSolaris on their own. In a year or so, I'll download the resulting OS, and see how it runs.

Comment Re:More companies too (Score 1) 481

No, they won't. Either their $15 maglite will be sitting next to a $5 piece of Chinese junk and people will buy the Chinese Junk or their $10 piece of American junk will sit next to the $5 piece of Chinese Junk and people will buy the Chinese junk. The American Co will then go out of business and the Chinese Co will move in and be the major importer and seller of flashlights in the US.

Comment Re:Legally owns.... (Score 0) 262

It is easier than you think... If souls exist, it is a religious issue. And most religions state that God owns your soul, not you. It isn't yours to sell. Contract invalid. If they don't exist, there is nothing to sell. Contract invalid. Even if you come to the point that the soul is something that is yours, there is no way for one to collect on such a deal. Thus... you guessed it... contract invalid.

Comment Re:maybe (Score 5, Insightful) 973

The area had been quite for well over 5mins. Watch the unedited version. The entire city was an area with really loud cannon rounds all over the place all the time. The pilot even said they didn't have weapons but appeared to taking the wounded away, and "Fuck let us shoot". What rules of engagement is that? Lets not forget they lied about getting shot at in the first place.

Standing up for this will not help. Watch the full video, you even get a sense of the attitude between the ground forces and the airborne calvary unit.

Real soldiers who where there in Iraq are condemning these actions. Real pilots are too.

And lets not forget this is their *home city*. This is where they live, America made it a "war zone", where shooting unarmed people (by the pilots own admission) who are rescuing the wounded (a fellow country man) is apparently fair game for burst of 30mm cannon rounds by the American version of the rules of engagement.

If I was a middle eastern country right now, i would be very supportive of a government that was trying to get nukes. It seems to be the only way to be treated as a sovereign country.

Since when does rescuing the wounded *unarmed* get a kill on site order.

Comment It doesn't work. (Score 5, Insightful) 801

As a former employee of an international road transportation company, we studied the exact same thing.

Interesting fact. When someone is driving in a place they don't know, they drive slower. You can duplicate the effect by making changes to a known environment, like this study does by adding cars to the roadside. Second interesting fact? Once the changes become 'known', speeds return to what they were previously. I notice this part is somehow absent in the claims that "the lower speeds make things safer."

If I was from the University of Connecticut, I'd be embarrassed to be releasing this study.

Comment Re:it's not so funny (Score 1) 574

ask the telco to turn it off a day or two over a few weeks without notification, and record your feelings during those few weeks, if you get a false positive, or no change it's not the telcos tower thing. See that community in south africa that was having issues, and the tower hadn't even been powered up yet.

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