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Cops Mistakenly Donate 25 Pounds of Pot to Prison Screenshot-sm 27

The Edinburg, Texas police department gave the local prison a donation of fruit seized from a truck that was used to smuggle drugs. In addition to the fruit they were also kind enough to include 25 pounds of pot. The drugs were missed in the initial search of the produce truck. Prison officials rewarded the inmates who reported the drugs by strip searching them.

Comment Re:There is no way an AI can build a cleverer AI. (Score 1) 482

Those factors make it difficult to write a correct program. They do not make it difficult to emulate a correctly-written program, because to write it correctly, you must first overcome those factors.

To put it differently, if your program has //I don't really know what this does, but it seems to work somewhere in the source, you're doing it wrong.

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