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Comment This will hurt small businesses (Score 1) 195

This stupidity and greed will hurt small businesses that rely on Internet connectivity, but cannot afford (or have need for) a leased line. We cannot use any "cloud apps" in our business because we simply cannot get good connectivity in our part of town from our two providers (AT&T, Time-Warner). Our VPN's are severely limited because we cannot get reasonable, reliable bandwidth. The US is quickly turning into a 3rd world country.

Comment Re:Haha (Score 1) 195

Unlike health though, it is easier to host servers in other countries, which is all that will happen.

I wish that were the case. The problem in the US is the last mile connectivity. Servers can be anywhere. That hasn't changed. But our last mile connectivity is so bad in some places, that it's tough to do business.

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 1) 523

Work from 20 to 50, save 30%, and expect to live from 50 to 90 off those savings? I can do the math on my fingers to see that's not going to work.

You can't calculate compound interest on your fingers, is the problem.

Even if someone saved 100% for 30 years, inflation will ensure they can't live off that for 40 years afterwards.

I don't think that most people save by holding onto cash, as you're suggesting.

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