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Comment Re:But the beauty is (Score 1) 402

Navy doesn't care about green. They care about aircraft having fuel to fly.

OK, so, let me rephrase this in light of the green initiatives prompted by various forces: The Navy's primary consideration here is not being green, it is making certain they have fuel for the aircraft and turbine powered surface vessels.

Forgive me, but I fail to appreciate your rephrasing in light of the fact that I was commenting on the statements made by a non-Navy chemist, at a non-Navy University, with no relation to the Navy, in reference to a chemical process currently in development.

Thanks for your open-minded appreciation of what was actually being said though. Dude.

Comment Re:But the beauty is (Score 1) 402

Okay, maybe 'sequestered' is the wrong word in this instance, my bad. But removing carbon from the sea and blasting it into the air where it'll compound existing problems, including reabsorption back into the sea, and using large amounts of energy to do so, still doesn't strike me as environmentally-friendly in particular...

Comment Re:Well... (Score 2, Informative) 481

An 'opt-out' lends an air of legitimacy to the spam, while allowing a spammer to confirm an active address, which can then be sold on to more spamming twats for a higher price than an unconfirmed one... a 'known good' address is still worth more on sale to another spammer (hey, your penis might be gigantic and therefore unworthy of v14gr4, but that's not to say you don't *NEED* an RC car kit, right?!)

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