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Comment Re:Confused? (Score 1) 764

Why is it Cnet doesn't say who told them to do that? Some subhuman MafiAA goon lawyer wants to remain anonymous. How typical of them.

I never hear names on the RIAA side when these things are reported. It's no surprise that the language starts to get interesting when journalists are still so evasive this late in the game.

Comment Re:And what if they refuse? (Score 1) 246

I recently worked on a customer's Sony VAIO laptop. The system wasn't cooling properly and was shutting down hard with increasing frequency.

Sony support advised backing up the user's data before shipping it to them. Duh. However, I couldn't pull the drive to retrieve the data without voiding the warranty. The damn thing wouldn't stay powered up for more than 10 minutes. By the time we actually (hopefully) transferred everything we needed, it wouldn't boot the OS because it had been scrambled by so many hard crashes.

They should have been responsible for the customer's data with such a draconian policy. Not that I'd trust them to do it properly (or at all).

Comment Re:More like... (Score 1) 385

Can you even correlate the deficiency in math with owning a calculator, or is this *all* just technophobic crap along the lines of claims that cell phones cause bone/brain cancer? Alarmists and cynics are a dangerous mix, especially when they become afraid of something and feel a general lack of purpose. Go back to the trees.

Comment Re:Registration isn't new (Score 1) 896

I've always been fond of the pre-logon scan feature that Avast has. I haven't seen that in any other free AV package, and I've caught many infected items that couldn't be detected with the user profile running. OTOH, I've also encountered weird rogue anti-viruses that could only be detected *while* they were running.

Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 896

MSE seems like a good program but I haven't seen it put to the test yet, that is, finding or cleaning malware. A particular point in its favor is that its license allows corporate use. However, it's a management nightmare in an organization with many computers. Microsoft does state that it's not designed for business use. I had one client with 6 computers running a custom application. The computers' system drives were small, and there wasn't enough space to accommodate their usual AV client. A staff technician had installed MSE on these computers as a temporary solution. I had to remote to each machine to exclude the custom application's paths and its many processes because the SpyNet feature that submits new processes to Microsoft would cause it to crash. It also happened that a crash would ruin an entire days' work, since the purpose of the software was result collection in a lab environment. So, it's convenient for home users, Might be OK for small businesses... not recommended in an enterprise environment. And I'm eager to see how effective it is against malware.

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