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Comment Re:Sure it's caching. And it's not a "kludge" at a (Score 1) 297

Sure it's caching. You're storing frequently-used data on a faster medium.

That's not what caching means. It comes from the French word for 'hidden' and the fact that it is not directly addressable is the important part of the definition. A cache is not just a faster medium, it's a faster medium that is hidden from the user / programmer and is used to accelerate access to the slower medium.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 4, Informative) 297

The submitter wants something like ZFS's L2ARC, which uses the flash as an intermediate cache between the RAM cache and the disk. This works very well for a lot of workloads. Since Linux users appear to be allowed to say 'switch to Linux' as an answer to questions about Windows, it only seems fair that 'switch to Solaris of FreeBSD' would be a valid solution to this problem.

Comment Re:Buffers? (Score 1) 297

Not really. There are a couple of applications for SSD's. One is to speed up boot times. Obviously a RAM cache is useless in that application.

Another is if you want to speed up a transaction server (one that is writing as much as it is reading), then the answer is again no. Think of the battery backed up RAM cache RAID arrays have. Those caches are there for a reason. RAM can do read caching, but it can't do write caching and still be secure across power failure.

My interest is in the second application, and like the guy who wrote this article I have been patiently waiting for someone to produce a nice local file system cache for Linux. So far I haven't seen anything that comes close.

Comment Re:Wot? (Score 1) 515

Faking $1 is a pointless exercise. All the jail time, 1/100th the rewards. And if someone passes the "old" $100 after the new ones have been out a couple years, you refuse them. The old ones aren't easy to fake, but they are easy to get to 90%. When you handle lots of bills, the fakes do get through. But when there are only a few "old" bills left, you give them more attention and the fakes will be noticed.

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