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Submission + - Exercising lemon law on laptop 1

Dishwasha writes: Have any slashdotters had any luck exercising their right to declare their computer a lemon and get the manufacturer to refund or pay for third-party cost of repair?

I recently purchased a brand new laptop for my wife and it has had the same intermittent problem from the beginning. We just received it back from its second repair and in both cases the RMA department performed up to a 24-hour "burn-in" test, declared there was no problem and sent it back even though I specified that the intermittent problem can take up to a week to reproduce. I explicitly asked for the problem part to be replaced for the second RMA and they completely ignored my demand. They have also refused to send me the part so I can repair it myself. I have asked to have this escalated to a manager but have been told they MIGHT call me back and refuse to follow my instructions in favor of their own inadequate troubleshooting steps. At this point I am tired of having my time taken up with this and believe it is unfair to my wife to have her relatively brand new laptop sent off for 2+ weeks at a time.

I am in Texas and understand that each state may have specific laws and procedures for declaring a lemon. I've goggled for Texas Lemon Law and came up with this informative article. It mentions "Texas Lemon Laws ... provide for compensation to Texas consumers of defective automobiles ... and products including ... computers and other consumer appliances and products" yet the rest of the information seems primarily tailored to motor vehicles. If the rules are the same I would qualify for the 30-day test depending on the interpretation of "a substantial problem". If not, I guess I will have to give them two more chances for repair which puts my wife out another month at a minimum without her laptop.

I will attempt to research the legislation myself, but would welcome any constructive tips on making sure all the correct bureaucratic things are done to minimize delays. I would also be interested in hearing of any success stories regarding declaring a computer a lemon and getting the manufacturer to reconcile fiscally.

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