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Comment Re:Uncomfortable Truth Incoming. (Score 1) 640

That could be true. Till you see that the father is blaming Tesla. Then it makes perfect sense how his daughter ends up murdering people by, "Accident"
See you can be a good parent and still end up with a bad kid. But this guy has already proven himself to be a shit human, so it only makes sense that he had a hand in the creation of the shit that was his daughter.

Comment Uncomfortable Truth Incoming. (Score 2) 640

This is a bad parent. A person that should never have had a child.

He, "raised" a child that, "Grew Up" to be a person that gets drunk and endangers the lives of everyone around because she wants to have a good time.
Her attitude that her wants trump everything else on the face of the planet, including the lives of other matches perfectly with a father
that put no responsibility on his daughter. He never has. In his eyes, she has never been responsible for any issue in her life. This is why
she grew up to be such and insufferable cunt.

Now that, "father" unable to put blame on the daughter or his own failure to raise a decent human being must look outside to find a reason
this happened. Now we look to the biggest pockets around and blame them.

I do not really like Tesla. I think that people that can not afford that car paying to give people that can tax breaks to make the car cheaper for the rich is fucking insane at best. They though are not at fault here. This was caused by an irresponsible cunt, raised by an incompetent parent.

Comment Re:That's becoming a meme (Score 1) 325

State Dept has policies in place.
Policies not followed.

We have laws about the handling of classified material.
These laws were not followed.

There are people who did prison time for propping a door open to a facility with classified material so they could take a leak without having to go through a bunch of shit. The secure handling of classified documents is a big fucking deal.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

I am sure you can find some other way to lie to people to make your point.
Did it every occur to you that if you feel that lying is the best way to push your position that your position is that of a fucking retarded dung beetle?
Fuck Off. Your opinion is invalid. You argument is weak. Your positions can not be defended and you are probably a lousy lover.

Go home. Draw a bath. Take out a package of the good Feather Double Edge Razor Blades and do what is right.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 745

One of SIX groups, not several. The head guy of one of six groups and three of the 10 under him resigned. This is an accurate statement.
So out of the six groups of people in one single group 4 out of 11 positions resigned. Even if you ignore the the fact that it is just one of six groups it is significantly less than half, which when put up next to shit like, "ALL" means that they are lying on purpose.

Still waiting for the apology for spreading massive lies as fact.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 0) 745

So you decided to ignore the fact that you stated that, "just lost all the senior state department officials" and that is was a complete and total lie.

In what world does the head guy of one of 6 depts and 3 of the 10 or 12 guys under him equate to, "all".

You were not even on the same continent as all. Making a mistake by believing shitty news sources is one thing. Continuing to ignore it when pointed out makes you a piece of shit liar. There is no reason to continue to communicate with a person so heavily separated from the truth. Do not bother retorting with some attack that has nothing to do with the lie that you knowingly perpetrated.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 4, Informative) 745

On the other hand President Trump just lost all the senior state department officials.

See. Your opinions here are questionable because you base your beliefs on blind headlines from partisan sites. Then you spew it out as fact for the world to notice.
Here is the org chart.

The Undersecretary for Management and 3 others under him resigned.

At this point you can realize that what you just said and your thoughts from what you just believed are really, super wrong when faced with facts, or ....
You can pretend like it is no big deal and that all the rest of the information you get in that way is fine so there is no need to reevaluate any of your positions on things.

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