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I wonder when people will learn that?

Take from a troll -

"I like it when i find mod points in my karma whore account, because i can then go completely nuts and laugh at all the slashbots complain about the modding".

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Journal Journal: Searching takes time 1

I've looked everywhere in my city, and every single online store in Australia, and guess what? None sell the standard edition, and a bare few sell the boxed Powerpack edition of Mandrake.

Put it this way. If you want mandrake, and your in Australia, order through either Dymocks or through Mandrake's own store .

That said, i've done the partitioning through FDisk , and i'll be installing tommorow. Im just hoping all goes well.

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Journal Journal: Making the jump to linux pt 1.

So I am willing to try Linux. Theres only one thing holding me back, and thats actually getting the software in my measly little hands. I've decided on Mandrake as my flavour, so all there is now is to choose a pack.

I could download the ISO for the install cd, but theres not enough documentation to say exactly what is on it. Downloading the ISO is probably the best option, as I can try before I buy. Or i could jump straight into the 8.2 powerpack, but that seems to be having problems with some software missing. Im not sure.

The other thing i find hard to be explained in one paragraph is what the difference between the OS and Gnome, KDE and others.

IF i choose to download the ISO, does it come with Gnome installed, or do I need to download all this software seperately? These are questions I am going to have to find out soon. For any people out there who can help, I would love it. I'll update my journal once I find the answers.

Btw, thanks to all the slashdot users who helped me in this thread. I endeavour to make this journal a step by step guide for complete ignoramuses (such as moi) to start using Linux. Well see....

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