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Comment Re:Not the right way (Score 1) 2247

Link to source:

That military budget you talk about slashing? Yea, he does that.
You are aware the plan totals over 1 trillion slashed? It's just the mentioned departments that got zeroed out. Most everything else also took a 15-40% cut.

It's probably one of the best budget plans proposed in decades, from the perspective of actually spending less than you earn.

Comment Re:In other words, we should give up. (Score 1) 2247

Perhaps because the military spending can't actually be cut until military operations have curtailed. His platform has always been very consistent: Stop warmongering, shut down the numerous overseas US bases, and slash the size of the military.



Submission + - GameStop opening Deus Ex boxes, removing free game (

DisKurzion writes: A leaked GameStop memo indicates that employees are to open the regular PC release of Dues Ex: Human Revolution and discard the included OnLive coupon.

From TFA: GameStop spokesperson Beth Sharum confirmed the practice, telling Ars that "Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons."

If you buy a PC game retail, make sure the box is sealed!!

Comment Re:Dumb for G+ (Score 4, Informative) 373

My profile has all of these items filled out. Only things viewable to public is Name,Gender, and a profile pic. Everything else is either shared with a specific circle, all circles, or extended circles based on how sensitive I find the info. Contact Info goes to specific circles. Education + Employment go to immediate circles. Relationship + Occupation go in extended circles, as that is largely public info, but not something I want shared with the whole world.

This is not rocket science people. Every one of those options was displayed in the very same prompt that that info was entered in. The only excuse someone has for not setting their privacy settings on their profile is "I'm too damn lazy to read."

Comment Re:Either way it's going to be used as skew. (Score 1) 291

My recollection is that they started it with a limited number of authors and once they saw the effect on those authors sales, they extended it to most/all of their authors.

This would work wonders for the music industry. If Amazon or Itunes had a free album up for every artist, I would probably buy 10x more music online. A good 2/3 of my music pirating works along this logic:

1. Hmmm, never heard of this band before...let's download it and see.
2. If awesome, buy or add to wishlist (Money is tight, can't buy everything I want)
3. If crap, delete and never give a second thought.

If I could download a single album from every artist on iTunes that has multiple albums...that would virtually eliminate my music piracy.

Comment Re:do not see the point... (Score 1) 152

This allows for you to have microtransactions handled by a single, relatively well trusted company, rather than having to trust your credit card info to multiple smaller ones.

This x 1000. While there are risks in having your transactions handled by a central company (hello Sony!), they are mitigated by a few factors:

If you only have CC Info with 1 company instead of 10, you only have to worry about 1 company being hacked.
On average, 1 larger company will generally have better security auditing than 10 smaller ones...especially a company like Valve.
Steam allows you to purchase, but not save CC info to the account (providing a similar level of security as prepaid points cards on consoles).

Comment Re:more governmnet intervention (Score 1) 601

None of these freedoms are hurt by any of this. You're still innocent (if you're not drunk). There's no illegal search or seizure and you're not asked to explain what you're doing, just show that your alcohol levels are acceptable for driving, because there's no license plate that does it for you.

As someone who has been stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Pennsylvania (while sober), that is patently false. The setup I drove through went something like this:

Arrive at checkpoint (after waiting 15+ minutes in line)
Officer looks into car with flashlight (obviously doing a cursory search before even speaking a word to you).
Officer asks where you came from and where you are going. (obviously having to explain what you are doing)
Officer asks for license and registration.
Take a breathalyzer or blood test. Pretty damn invasive checkpoint with no probable cause if you ask me.

While I won't disagree that drunk driving is a serious issue that needs resolving in society...I would argue that giving police ever-more power is a far more serious concern in the long term.

Comment Re:Umm, 'scuse me? (Score 3, Informative) 168

At the school I work for, there was a major outcry when we implemented a universal SSO for the ever-increasing amount of online tools put out by our school.

There were numerous articles in the school paper decrying the change.

5 years later, and we could only imagine the outcry if we got rid of it: "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'D HAVE TO MAINTAIN A SEPARATE PASSWORD FOR EVERY SYSTEM!!!???"

Students complain for the sake of complaining.

Comment Re:Too true (Score 1) 302

Incorrect. Vast majority of users are stupid, because they fall for the same tricks over and over and over again.

Is someone who crashes their car while texting stupid? Not necessarily.
If, after getting into an accident because of texting, they continue to text while driving? Then I have to question their intelligence.

Face it...computers are no longer just an interest. Anybody who uses a computer for more than 5 hours a week should be competent enough to avoid the vast majority of attacks. The fact that the most basic of exploits are still usable is a sign of widespread stupidity.

If people weren't stupid, Nigerian email spammers wouldn't exist, because nobody would fall for their scam. I met someone who lost $2,000 to an email scam. I would not hesitate for a second to call her an idiot.

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