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Console Brand Loyalty and Lifestyle Choices 132

RotoGo writes "A new survey done by GamerMetrics shows that 38% of gamers prefer the Playstation 3, making it the most anticipated system. The Wii only got 22% of the audience as their number one choice. Perhaps more interesting are the 'lifestyle' choices reported by the survey. Nirvana was cited as the favorite band for those loyal to the Xbox brand and Eminem was the top pick for the Playstation brand. The Nintendo camp prefers Gorillaz and Smallville for entertainment. The study also discovered that people that like the Xbox brand are the most likely to own an iPod and a TiVo while it is the Playstation gamers who are most likely to go outside to see a movie."

Vintage Diseases Making a Comeback 403

An anonymous reader writes "MSNBC has a piece on a recent resurgence in some old-timey diseases. Mumps, Whooping Cough, and Rickets are making a comeback, back in style like it's 1955." From the article: "Public-health officials certainly weren't expecting to get 'bitten' by mumps this year. Although the virus has been circulating in British kids since 2000, it hadn't caused much trouble in the United States since an outbreak in Kansas 18 years ago. The Midwest is the epicenter again, but the victims are primarily college students, not children. Once a childhood disease, the virus has now taken hold in university towns. That's partly because crowded dorms and cafeterias are breeding grounds for germs that are spread by sneezing and coughing."

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