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Journal Journal: Is It Just Me?

Yes, it is.

This is a great website, but I guess I'm used to "backin' out to the top".

Anyone got a clue yet as to where I'm putting my vent?

Look on the main page.

Yes, maybe some of the younger generation are used to spending half their lives clicking here and there, trying to find the relationships to the zillion drop down boxes, topics, and how they relate to where they want to go or what they want to say, but frankly, I don't have that much damn time left!

That's just the way it is I guess.

Relational databases are what's hip and now.

I miss hierarchical databases.

Yes, one smooth pyramid from the top down.

But, that's just the way it is now.

Anyone want to be a real super-entrepreneur and overturn what we have now to go back to something sane...something never seen on the internet?

Come on. Not everyone is senile like I am yet.

Give it your best WAG and go to town, children.


Journal Journal: Mainframe People Get No Respect 3

I've been an IBM mainframe applications guy for over twenty-five years.

But everyone knows in this industry, seniority and tenure have no real significance, but yet, they should. How come I get no respect?

Yes, in my later gigs, it has been spoken and inferred that we mainframers are "slackers" for not keeping up with the latest technology. Is that really the case?

Well children, there may be other reasons.

First off, I like to type. I believe anyone in this profession must know how to type. A mouse never really did much for me.

Secondly, object-oriented code is a mess. Yeah, you cut and paste someone else's "work of art" into your known plagiarized code, and hope it works. Besides, the human brain can only deal with symbols and nebulous nonsensical tags and what-not without a quick burnout.

I hear it all the time: "(Laugh), you're kidding me. You still write in COBOL? I thought they quit using that about thirty years ago".


Oh, how marvelous, distributive processing!


There is something to be said to the security of a closed-box system. But yet, companies spend more money on overhead for firewalls, anti-virus software, etc.

If Grace Hopper were alive today, I'm sure she would be proud that what she helped invent is still alive and well, although she too predicted the demise of COBOL prior to her death. I guess Grace didn't realize what a great concept she really had. Her legacy will live on for a long time.

I will end this little journalistic rant now, but if you have IBM mainframe people working in your shop, and you are not one of them, please bow to them and congratulate them for knowing a good thing when they see it, and also the fact that they probably know a lot more than you about computers.

Have a nice day and best wishes, and....good luck!

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