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The Media

Submission + - Polaroid done with instant film by end of 2008 ( 3

joe_n_bloe writes: "Polaroid will cease production of instant film by the end of 2008.

The company, which stopped making instant cameras for consumers a year ago and for commercial use a year before that, said today that as soon as it had enough instant film manufactured to last it through 2009, it would stop making that, too. Three plants that make large-format instant film will close by the end of the quarter, and two that make consumer film packets will be shut by the end of the year, Bloomberg News reports.
This makes me sad, not because people won't be able to use Polaroid to take "instant" photos any longer, but because all of the other artistically important things you can do with Polaroid film will become more expensive (as stocks gradually run out) and, perhaps, eventually come to an end. To me, it's like discontinuing oil paint because you have painting tools in Photoshop."

The Courts

Submission + - TiVO Patent Upheld, Dish May Have to Disable DVR ( 1

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a ruling by a lower court that Dish Network DVRs infringe upon TiVO's patent on a 'multimedia time warping system'. According to some analysts, this could not only make Dish liable for damages, it could force them to shut down their DVR service, harming their customers. The patent in question has already been reexamined once and the ruling on appeal (PDF) was unanimous."

Submission + - New botnet beats Storm, accounts for 32% of spam 4

Stony Stevenson writes: A new botnet that distributes male sexual enhancement pills spam has overtaken the notorious Storm worm botnet as the largest single source of the world's spam according to security vendor Marshal. Dubbed Mega-D, the botnet currently accounts for 32 percent of all spam, 11 percent more than the Storm botnet which peaked at 21 percent in September 2007. The botnet started about 4 months ago but has been steadily increasing since then. It is also using news headlines to trick victims into opening the spam, a technique synonymous with the Storm worm.

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