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Submission + - Wal-Mart to expand trade in program March 26 (

DigitalParc writes: Wal-Mart is expanding their in-store trade in program on March 26th. They will allow video games to be traded in store. This could be the first step for a major retail player to enter the pre-owned market. This might also be good news for consumers with increased competition and a potential increase for the size of the pre-owned market due to Walm-Mart's retail influence.

Submission + - SEO tips as told by Abraham Lincoln (

DigitalParc writes: Abraham Lincoln had insight that is still valuable today. Here is a unique spin on some of his wisdom as it applies to online marketing, starting with the Googleburg Address.

Submission + - The Emerging Radioshack/Netflix Debacle (

DigitalParc writes: Radioshack recently launched a promotion for 6 months of free Netflix service with the purchase of a laptop, tablet, or phone. This ended up being a fantastic deal, until the shoddy redemption site they were using for the Netflix code redemption was hacked and many of the codes were stolen. Plenty of blame can be placed between Radioshack using such a terrible delivery system, the delivery system being so terrible to begin with, and the enterprising thieves who decided to help themselves to thousands of dollars worth of a service.

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