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Comment Re:Intel is blowing (Score 1) 109

No, nor do they allow for a user to override the 1GB read cache limit. In the link provided, they stated scope of change features may change based on user feedback. But for not, it's geared to the consumer "set it and forget it" mentality. For what it does, it works well, but it does have limitations.

Also worth noting, RAPID only works for SATA drives. NVMe don't allow for the feature to be enabled. I'm not sure if this a limitation in how the storage is addressed differently, or the Samsung Magician app hasn't been updated to target non-SATA enumerated devices.

If you need something with faster write-backs, it looks as though soon there with be a new RocketRAID 3800 series from HighPoint. Essentially, a PCIe RAID card that hold NVMe drives with over 15GB per sec (you read that correctly, Bytes, NOT bits per second!!!) of bandwidth.

Comment Re:Intel is blowing (Score 1) 109

I prefer Samsung's RAPID mode myself. Up to 1GB of RAM used as read-cache, though no write-back caching to ensure protection of data (not everyone has a UPS on their desktop, and most RAID cards have a lithium battery onboard to assist against write-back caching data loss). It's fast, and will scale back if more system resources are needed by the OS and apps; though that's only an issue for systems with 4GB of ram, and 8GB in rare cases. Did I mention it's FAST!?. Can't execute anything faster than DDR4 at the moment on a desktop :)

Intel can suck my fat one.

Comment Re:The good ones (Score 0) 159

The US is bankrupt; just cutting to the chase of it all. In essence, oversupply of labor (in any field) puts deflationary pressure on value. Here in the US, the government is printing money to support an employed workforce. Meanwhile, the Indian and Hispanic birthrate is outstripping demand, so expect the wages to drop further in the global IT market.

Deflation, marked with inflation = FUCKED!

What's the answer? There is none. But what can not going on forever, wont; and you can take that to the bank.

I recon WW3 to be honest. It's not want I want, but historically strife leads to war; so there you have it.

Comment Re:This is why i didn't buy day 1 (Score 1) 90

How many times did the XBOX get recalled and redesigned to address the RROD? How many times did Sony address the CD lens issue in the PS1 and PS3? I'll grant you that the NES was long overdue for a product revision due to a design flaw in the cartridge slot, but I still stand behind my original statement of this predominantly being a Gen5 to Gen6 issue.

Comment Re:This is why i didn't buy day 1 (Score 1) 90

Back in the day, we rarely had these problems with first day console released hardware. And when we had them, it was using bleeding edge technology (original Gameboy LCD screen recall). Where the hard break from this trend ended and began was after the 5th generation and beginning of the 6th generation consoles. It continues to this day. Software follows a similar pattern, but more egregious with the advent of the Internet; with the idea it can be patched later with quick delivery. In fact, auto-update is now expected in apps. But there's no excuse for sloppy electronic engineering and manufacturing; not in the year 2017 FFS!!!

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