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Comment Re:pivoting (Score 1) 155

Complete with a cloud workforce; as in, not in the US, Europe, or anyplace else that's "too expensive". Don't you love it? The wealth is being bled dry from the West by K Street while the majority is in flight to the East. So while the vampires feed off the middle class, these globalists are thriving off the backside of others labor.

Comment Re:Future anniversary updates (Score 1) 521

Windows now requires monthly payments to use Microsoft services. If you do not agree to pay monthly fee you will not be able to access Microsoft services. This means you won't be able to login to your computer and access any of your data until such time as you agree to pay.

And all data on local disks are encrypted for your security. In the unlikely event your laptop is stolen, the drive can't be mounted. To maintain access to your data, it's imperative to have your subscription set to auto-renew on a credit card - in fact, we demand it.

MS = Mafia Software. "How would you like your kneecaps broken today"

Comment Re:Is it feasible to block Cortana with the router (Score 1) 521

The proper asshole move of M$ would be to bake the Windows licensing check into Cortana - with explaining warnings that an internet connection is required It could check every day, but then go into limp-mode if it can't phone home within 30 days of being offline or some such. Oh, and if you tell M$ that you need a true offline stand-alone air gapped PC, they would happily tell you to go Linux. Truly, with the massive amounts of re-occuring revenue from a subscription model, your usage scenario isn't worth their fucking time.

Comment Re:The Latest Innovations (Score 1) 521

SMB market is basically the SOHO market now in the worldview of MS. I mean, they're not, but the focus is one in the same really. Their focus is Enterprise, like Cisco is for networks. They've already ended the Windows SBS line and replaced it with the Windows Essentials; e-mail is now to be hosted in Office365. When you amortize the cost of new hardware and licensing, it makes sense. There's more pro's then con to the deal. But really, truly, any SMB market focus is going to be *AS (*anything* As a Service) model. I'm sure at some point, the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 will be an added licensing to be purchased in Office365 as well. Just click, buy, download to USB, execute, upgrade. Ta da!!!

Comment Re:How many people have that controller? (Score 1) 157

No, they really aren't. They look like something from ten years ago. The game itself is dull, uninspired and lifeless.

Yes, the game is lacking a director in production. It's not exactly uninspired, but it is a but dull and lifeless at times. There are definitely better games out there for sure.

As for the graphics, mainly it's a hardware limitation in that you can't throw textures and high geometry like you can a dedicated gaming console these days. But that's ok, because it was purposefully designed to be a swashbuckling Wind Waker clone. It's truly an art form to match the evocative retro effect with the hardware you have. A perfect example is Horizon Chase on iOS. The It's flat-shaded polygons with arcade style synth music. If that looks and sounds like a hybrid modern/retro Sega Outrun clone, you would be correct :). So, depending on the game and designer, you can leverage HW limitation as a form of artistic expression. In some cases, emulate it for the retro effect.

Comment Re:How many people have that controller? (Score 1) 157


The problem isn't hardware availability, it's content. The best title I have so far for the Apple TV is OceanHorn. It's basically a Zelda Wind Waker clone. The graphics are really superb, and the music is composed by the some of the best console musicians out there - Kalle Ylitalo, Nobu Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Kenji Ito (Secret of Mana). It's a pale imitation and leaves lots to be desired. But the point is, the Apple TV with a 3rd party controller would explode in sales if Shigeru Minamoto coded games for it. So the platform is there. Nintendo just needs to develop for iOS and stop chasing waterfalls with new proprietary console hardware. It's a complete waste of their time IMHO.

Comment Re:How many people have that controller? (Score 1) 157

How many other people own that controller or others like it? I haven't seen one third-party controller maker release sales figures, and without them, it becomes hard for a for-profit company to justify developing a game targeted at a particular third-party controller. It's also bulky to carry in a pocket.

I'm glad you asked. When the latest AppleTV got released, one of the first items to purchase with it was a game controller. At the time there was just the Nimbus, which is the one I got. Shortly thereafter, the Steel Series Status came out. Now there are a total of six different controllers in all available. The pricing ranges from what you normally expect, so nothing shocking here.

FYI - will continue on next post as lameness filter is fucked

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1, Insightful) 96

GOP is done, and has been for awhile - as a party. From the ashes will be Trump and whatever falls after. Probably after the damage there will be a Libertarian movement from the ashes of both the GOP and DNC types - small government with urban liberal independent views and a mix of rural "don't tread of me" folk. Either way, first you must deal with the massive multi-billon dollar onslaught that Zuckerberg and Soros will be throwing. THEY ARE GOING FOR BROKE to ensure Clinton wins. They must, to SURVIVE!!! This is where it gets real fucking dangerous. You all haven't seen nothing -yet- from these two spawns of Satan.

Comment Re:It's Simple Economics (Score 1) 180

The cold hard factual brutal reality of the situation of SanFran is this: This is the city of the young college graduate working campus. It's the first place you go as a professional first to cut your teeth on prior to leaving to another state/city to get married, have children, and settle down. SanFran will ALWAYS have a perpetual flow of a young expendable *cheap* workforce. Now add to the fact you've got unlimited H1Bs living in communes for the very same reason (prior to going back home to China and India) and you've got exactly what simple is of San Fran - a giant youth working campus/city. IT IS NOT A PLACE TO RAISE A FAMILY!!

Comment Re:Laptops and the Steam Link (Score 1) 162

Oh, you could do that, but then again, it's not console gaming. Console gaming typically implies a level playing field were all gamers (local or online) have the same controller, same platform/specs, and the same resolution. Out of fairness, I'd imagine these new "Plus" console editions to pair players up in the same game so as to not leave other players at a disadvantage. With PC gaming, anything goes with your own rig spec wise.

Comment Re:Average car? (Score 2) 622

It's the dealers. They add in all sorts of fucking bullshit like lifetime nitrogen for the tires (Honda civic), or bolt-on running boards (Toyota RAV4, wtf?) that have insane profit margins. Wherever the sales guy falls short, the finance dept will make up for via some numerical wizardry and voodoo. After TTL, yeah, I can totally see that going up to 34k for a decent family car!

You will never pay MSRP, because MSRP doesn't include bullshit! Bullshit costs an extra 10% above and beyond what you expected!!!

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