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Submission + - Another blow to Irish online freedom (

Diabolus Advocatus writes: As an Irishman I am more and more disgusted every day by blatant disregard of net neutrality and freedom of speech in Ireland. Whether it's eircom censoring thepiratebay and cutting off users accused of filesharing or the blasphemy law introduced in 2009. Previously, it's been discovered from documents obtained through FOI that the Irish government is in discussions regarding implementing a filter like China, or Iran. Disgusting and worrying.

The latest development in the restriction of Irish internet use is from mobile operator o2, which has blocked access to the popular image hosting site As usual, the excuse is 'dear god, think of the children' pushed by the masterminds of the blockade and self-appointed internet police — The IWF .

Submission + - British film 'Creation' banned in USA ( 8

thesappho writes: "From the story : "British film 'Creation' will not be coming to the United States because of its controversial theme. While the film opened the Toronto Film Festival to rave reviews, the religious undertones surrounding this Darwin biopic appear to be to much for the U.S. ". It seems that the film could not find even one distributor to be aired. Is this a kind of banning? negligence? censorship? or business decision?"

Submission + - Yahoo Threatens To Call Police on User (

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this year, Flickr user Shepherd Johnson made headlines in the media after posting comments critical of President Obama on the President's official Flickr photostream. Johnson had his account deleted at the time by Flickr. In addition to losing his Flickr account, Johnson also lost politically sensitive photos that he had not backed up elsewhere. At the time Flickr offered Johnson a $24.99 gift card as consolation for his account deletion. Now, however, it would seem that things have taken a turn for the worst. After trying to address his account deletion again with a now unresponsive Yahoo/Flickr staff, Johnson had his account locked out of their help forum Tuesday after posting on it there. Johnson said he next placed a few polite phone calls to Yahoo and received a call back from one of their security officers (who also claims to be a former FBI special agent) threatening him that if he calls Yahoo again that they will report him to the Sunnyvale police. Talk about your poor customer service.

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