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Comment Ok... (Score 1) 65

Nigeria's anti-fraud agency was also involved in the arrest.

So, basically: Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Agency got off their ass and made it look like they did something meaningful.

That's a relief.

Considering that whole blasted State is rife with corruption, fraud, and violence: The removal of one major kingpin out of countless many will certainly make them look like they are hard at work. Especially since Interpol and who know how many other international LE agencies did all the hard work for them.

Comment Re:Concert Venues? (Score 1) 312

So dance clubs, concert venues, most Broadway shows - those are all death traps? Because most of those places go through *gallons* of propylene glycol a night - as where most eCig users are puffing 50ml every 3-6 months. THINK OF THE BROADWAY ACTORS

We've tried it before.

It was called the Prohibition of Alcohol. It was a HUGE SUCCESS !

Well, thankfully we learned our lesson...

Oh, I guess not. My bad.

Comment Re:Skin him alive on Twitch (Score 1) 99

Take down World of Warcraft? THIS SHALL NOT STAND!!

Considering the collective yawning and dismissal of most Slashdotters. Combined by the general lack of impressive talent to do said attack:

That should be a clear indication that the level of anger, with the exception of the usual die hard fanboys, is around "Meh" to "So Fucking What?" levels.

Comment Failbook surpresses Consevatives? (Score 1) 346

Huh? Failbook censors Conservative bullshit?


Last time I checked (this morning), Kevin Sorbo, FUX News, Ass Talk Radio ass clowns, my GF and her folks could post just fine. She and my future in laws are SOOO conservative, they are one death camp away from being Nazis!

Comment Re:Can't Be 98 (Score 1) 235

From the looks of it, either the concerned computer is running Windows 98, or is using classic theme.

Since Microsoft isn't offering the free upgrade to anyone below Windows 7, that kinda narrows it down.

Considering I lived in Iowa at one point in my life (and GTFO a few years ago): I am surprised they went from stones and rocks to ANY Windows computer.

Comment Why? (Score 1) 283

No, seriously: Why?

I know I'm about to butthurt a whole asston of James Cameron and Avatar fanbois. However the that and 25 still doesn't equal me giving a fuck.So, here it is:

IN MY OPINION the movie was more hype than anything else. Yes it had stunning visuals and was ground breaking on the technology side.

However, strip all that away and you are left with a mediocre performance, blatant rip off story line, and LOLable, implausible outcome.

I could go into detail (like how I could pick scenes that were blatantly obvious it came from another movie verbatim), however I will say this: Now that the shock and awe of the first movie is over, I highly doubt he can pull that kind of success again, let alone do it 4 times.

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