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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - "Missing link" of electronic engineering f

holy_calamity writes: "Everyone learns in school that there are three basic circuit elements — resistors, capacitors and inductors. But in 1971 Leon Chua predicted there should be a fourth — a "memristor" able to link the flux and charge in a circuit. No one has ever shown they could be more than theoretical — until now. Researchers at HP Labs in Palo Alto made memristors using tiny circuits incorporating specks of titanium dioxide. They say the memristors ability to store the last voltage applied to it could be useful for memory devices. Chua, now a professor at Berkeley is understandably pleased."

Submission + - Finally: Real Pixel Shader Debugging! (nvidia.com)

Randy Fernando writes: "NVIDIA's new Shader Debugger Beta is a plug-in for FX Composer 2.5 Beta that provides, for the first time, real high-level pixel shader debugging capabilities for HLSL, CgFX, and COLLADA FX Cg. It allows you to step through code, visualize variables, create and visualize custom expressions (watches), debug pixels individually or in parallel, and even to kill fragments that don't reach a particular location. It's something any pixel shader programmer will find invaluable."

Submission + - KDE 4 rev 802150: Work in progress (polishlinux.org)

michuk writes: "Our favorite Polish (p)reviewer (p)reviews. In this (p)review, Plasma has gone under major API changes and is still a bit wonky, Dolphin gets tabs (hell yeah!), Phonon gets a Gstreamer backend, KWin gets wobbly windows (hell yeah!), and KInfoCenter and K3b get KDE4 ports. KDE 4.1 will be sure to blow your mind."

Spammers Hijacking IP Space 233

Ron Guilmette writes "As reported in the Washington Post's Security Fix blog, a substantial hunk of IP address space has apparently been taken over by notorious mass e-mailing company Media Breakaway, LLC, formerly known as OptInRealBig, via means that are at best questionable. The block in question is, which I documented in depth in an independent investigation. (Apparently, the President of Media Breakaway has now admitted to the Washington Post that his company has been occupying and using the block and that front company JKS Media, which provides routing to the block, is actually owned by Media Breakaway.) Remarkably, the president of Media Breakaway, who happens to be an attorney, is trying to defend his company's apparent snatching of this block based upon his own rather novel legal theory that ARIN doesn't have jurisdiction over any IP address space that was handed out before ARIN was formed, in 1997."

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