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Submission + - Quantum Teleportation Is Year's Biggest Science (foxnews.com)

Velcroman1 writes: Thanks to physics, and the truly bizarre quirks of quarks, those Star Trek style teleporters may be more than just fiction. A strange discovery by quantum physicists at the University of California Santa Barbara means that an object you can see in front of you may exist simultaneously in a parallel universe — a multi-state condition that has scientists theorizing that teleportation or even time travel may be much more than just the plaything of science fiction writers. "When you observe something in one state, one theory is it split the universe into two parts," one of the researchers said, trying to explain how there can be multiple universes and we can see only one of them. The magazine's editors have also compiled nine other important scientific accomplishments from this past year into a top ten list, appearing in a special feature in the journal's current issue.

Submission + - McCain wants to hire Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer

Device666 writes: The Daily Background has published an article mentioning that McCain wants to hire Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer.
McCain is advised by ultra-pro software patents advocates, and he shows now that he is very close to large corporations. The 70 year old presidential hopeful also said that he would ask Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to serve on his cabinet to deal with technology issues if elected. He did not however say what position Ballmer might be hired in, but did joke that he might consider him for a diplomatic position, such as ambassador to China.

Wii Puts Japanese Television Under Pressure 98

Knuckles writes "The Times reports that Japanese consumers have been 'abandoning television' in order to play with Nintendo's Wii. Recent figures from Japan's audience-tracking firms show that 'last week was the first in nearly two decades where no single show on any commercial station attracted more than a 9 per cent audience share ... According to one senior executive of the country's largest commercial television channel, Fuji TV, families who used to tune in to its colourful diet of soap operas, panel games and comedy variety shows may, instead, be drifting away and choosing to spend the same, economically-critical golden hour time playing on their Wii.'"

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