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Comment Re:I can't freakin' wait, man. (Score -1) 183

My biggest gripe is how the camera is handled.

I'm probably sounding like a broken record but they really need to get pay more attention to the infinity engine.

If they can just give the camera total freedom, wherever, whenever and let us zoom out so you actually get a good overview of whats going on.
Then the point-drag-click interface would be bearable.

I hate having to use my wasd keys constantly just to move around, especially when Im interrupted by horde nr 2523 of the humongous map, which i again fail to enjoy as much because the battle in someway reminds me of Diablo rather then the tactical battle RPG It's suppose to be.

Also...individual, weight limited, slot based inventory system for each character...its hard to put a finger on it feel rather content after sorting the shoes and deciding which armor to keep and what to throwaway until you reach a shop.

The list based inventory Bioware has going on is just.....bleh....

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