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Submission + - Google forces cancellation of Acer (non-Android) smartphone launch event (

tlhIngan writes: Apparently, Acer was set to release the Acer CloudMobile A800 smartphone today (September 13) running the Aliyun mobile OS by Alibaba. However, the launch was cancelled, with Alibaba claiming that Google put pressure on their partner (Acer) by threatening to "terminate Android product cooperation and related technical authorization" (meaning Acer would lose the ability to release official Android products "with Google", though they could always use AOSP).

Submission + - Linus htes GitHub pull requests. (

An anonymous reader writes: In a rant that caused heated argument Linus extolls his reasoning for not accepting GitHub pull requests:

github throws away all the relevant information, like having even a valid email address for the person asking me to pull. The diffstat is also deficient and useless.
Git comes with a nice pull-request generation module, but github instead decided to replace it with their own totally inferior version. As a result, I consider github useless for these kinds of things. It's fine for *hosting*, but the pull requests and the online commit editing, are just pure garbage.


Submission + - Apple's Siri: Lumia 900 is the best smartphone (

An anonymous reader writes: In an interesting twist that is sure to get some fanboi's underwear in a bunch:

When you break out your iPhone 4S and ask Siri what the ‘best smartphone ever’ is, your humble virtual assistant will recommend you to buy Nokia’s Lumia 900.

Which is, of course, a decent phone indeed.

But really, an iPhone 4S-only service prompting you to check out a rival device when you ask it what the best handset is?

Siri’s amusing recommendation is drawing comments from hosts of Nokia and Microsoft fans worldwide (yes, there are still many of them), which in itself is rather amusing. It’s kinda like watching people cheer because the magical mirror told the queen that Snow White is actually the fairest of them all.

Hopefully needless to say, the reason why Siri is making the above recommendation isn’t because Apple thinks the iPhone 4S is subpar (as if).


Submission + - Tim Cook's Windows 8 zinger hit its mark, says what we're all thinking (

colinneagle writes: Steve Jobs was a master of one-liners. Like everything else Jobs did, his zingers were simple yet effective, done with just a few words but often devastating.

As it turns out, Tim Cook has a knack for this as well. Surprising, given no one ever thought he had Jobs' charisma. During the earnings call to discuss the results of the March quarter (outstanding as always), he was asked about Microsoft's decision to make one OS for PC and tablet.

It was a long-winded answer, but fortunately, he made his best point early.

"The problem is that products are about trade-offs, and you begin to make trade-offs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day doesn't please anyone. You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user," said Cook.

He's almost totally correct. I don't think Windows 8 will be a stinker for tablets. In fact, it could be quite nice, given it bears such a strong resemblance to Windows Phone 7 and the fact that Windows Phone 7 users tend to like it, including me.

But as a desktop OS, my mind remains unchanged. This is a bad idea and the joke name "Vista 8" is looking more appropriate. Not that it will be a poorly designed and architected OS like Vista was, but it will be one that the public thoroughly rejects.

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