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Submission + - The holes in a News Corp/NDS pay TV pirate's defence (afr.com)

Presto Vivace writes: "In response to the recent allegations of pay TV piracy on Frontline, Panorama, and the Australian Financial Review, News Corp/NDS has said that they have consistently been vindicated by the courts. However, in relation to the Echostar case there are significant holes in their defense. For example, much of Echostar's most compelling evidence was excluded by the statue of limitations, and the jury never got to hear it.

In interviews with the BBC Panorama program and emails with the Financial Review, Oliver Kömmerling said that when he downloaded the Canal Plus file on DR7, it showed up on his computer directory as having been created at exactly the same time as the identical Canal Plus file that the NDS Black Hat team created in Haifa nine months before – July 6, 1998, at 15 seconds past 4pm.

There are 23 million seconds in a year. Two identical files, the only ones not held by Canal Plus. What are the odds that they would be created at exactly the same moment?

There is additional evidence that Tarnovsky posted the Nargra hack on the internet, if additional evidence is needed:

In the 2009 interview, Tarnovsky denied putting any code on the internet. However, he told the Financial Review that he had “played around” with the EchoStar Nagra code – in fact, he had made it work better. “Sometimes I see through the algorithms, like, and stuff. Like the cypher in the Nagra chip. They had some shift going on at the beginning and the end. And I totally realised, well, wait a second, I can go the reverse, I can skip it, remove it, and just shift the other way. And I totally removed like – I don’t know how many clock cycles of their code. And their algorithm was like – 20, 15 times faster.”

A Swiss hacker, Jan Saggiori, later testified that two days after the Canal Plus file appeared on the DR7 website in March 1999, Tarnovsky sent him a file with part of the system code for the smartcard used by EchoStar.


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