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Comment Re:I'd like to see Apple make a move, but... (Score 1) 510

Microsoft designers probably get paid a lot of money to add the right knobs and buttons. Apple designers probably get paid a lot of money to remove the right knobs and buttons.

There are two types of fool in this world, the first believes that it has more knobs therefore it is good and the second beleives it as less knobs therefore it is good.

Realistically you dont need more or less knobs, you need the right knobs that allow you to perform whatever function you need. Microsoft gets this one right far more often then Apple, sometimes if only through the overkill you mentioned. Most people would rather have more functions then they need then less funtions and missing the one they need.

Comment Re:WAT is Voluntary and Doesn't Impact OS Usage (Score 2, Insightful) 819

"Voluntary patch" ...And what happens if one does not choose to accept this "voluntary patch"? Do I lose access to other system updates, am I locked out of other Microsoft services? ... And is this "voluntary patch" going to be included in the next Windows 7 Service Pack as a mandatory component for non-corporate installs?

Comment Re: Wave??? (Score 1) 310

You are right currently, but Wave is intended long term (+5 years out) to be an email replacement, with many cool features that are currently not available, or are ugly grafts onto the email protocol. It most certainly isn't dead. I use it at least once a week. It was just released much earlier in the development cycle (like pre-alpha) than Gmail usually does with its "betas". Because of this, it is much harder to get an invitation. I only have 21 to give out, as opposed to 100 when I signed up with gmail.

I don't understand your disdain for the Gmail web enhancements. Personally I love most of them, and ignore the rest. But you can still turn almost every one of them off, and use Gmail just like it was 2001. They are even still offering the non-ajaxey html interface. Which I think is an amusing archaeology experiment.

Comment Re:Are you guys mad? (Score 1) 569

I only rarely look back at notes I've taken, and then, usually only for specific details: due dates, a URL or book title the instructor mentioned, and so forth. Nevertheless, I take notes in most of my classes -- because the effort to maintain focus on what the instructor is saying, think about how to express it, and write it out, is a significant aid to memory. I find that lectures in which I thought I was paying close attention, but did not take notes, I do not remember as well as the ones for which I took notes -- despite my not reviewing the notes.

I use pen and paper, but mostly because I don't own a laptop anyway. As far as that goes, I'd think, whatever works for you.

Comment Re:Actually, I think they have a point (Score 1) 427

Suddenly P2P programs can't get accredited anywhere, regardless of their legitimate use because they 'don't meet standards' or other such vague explanation, and exorbitant fees are charged for processing applications that cut the smaller players out of the market.

You know, kinda like the app store.

Greetings from Orion, RAW Here. You just lost the right to have Fnord in your name! Someone reject your app that you're that butt-sore about it?

Comment Re:Irrational exuberance, anyone? (Score 1) 307

I run firefox, thunderbird an MSN app and a twitter app on my netbook.

It would make no difference at all to me if I had Linux rather than Windows. I also have a desktop PC which I occasionally use. That has Windows and would require an alternative for a lot of applications if I were to change to Linux. But the netbook doesn't replace the PC. It supplements it and has no need to be compatible with the desktop in any way.

Comment You are projecting you lazy SOB. (Score 2, Insightful) 280

Some of us like to work for reasons beyond simple money.

Perhaps you made the wrong job choice, my sympathies.

It's never to late to find something you like to do (accepting financial reality.)

Who knows: If you like it you might even be good at it?

Or perhaps you are just fucking lazy.

I would go stir crazy without something useful to do.

If I were independently wealthy I would have to construct a job like activity to keep me busy. Perhaps 'making a small fortune in auto racing'? Bet I would work _more and harder_ doing that.

That said I prefer to spend my time 'solving technical puzzles/problems, usually with computers', not playing office politics with a bunch of morons.

Comment Re:YRO??!! (Score 1) 447

<quote><p>I have entered Japan 2 times in the last 2 years and i never get searched when i enter the country. They just ask, "Do you have anything dangerous?", reply "No" and they say "go on".</p><p>Never been in USA so i cannot compare but from what have read, it seems really painful.</p></quote>

Ditto, twice to Japan in the past 12 months from UK and not a problem or a peep. UK border on the other hand are starting to lose the plot as well. Im willing to bet they wont be far behind the USA in their paranoid delusions of terrorist threats. Every time I travel outbound it takes longer to get thru UK customs, Im betting they have a tombola of searches that they pick from at random on a daily basis... "OK people, today we will be checking belly buttons for a new form of explosive posing as cheesy lint.. stay sharp!'

I've been in the USA after 9/11 enough times to see how the government and media use terror to whip up the Americans into a blind frenzy of fear where they are willing to give up all their rights for some smoke n mirrors perception that they are safe, and they lap it up unquestioningly. Take the Brits tho, with their 7/7 (they couldnt afford the extra 2/4!), it was more of just an annoyance / inconvenience to us getting to/from work and hate to say it, but a lot of us just got on with our lives... but that doesnt stop our gov from trying it on with the FUD spreading... *sigh*

Up until now I would have said that altho the customs in US can be long-winded, they've never really put me off visiting my family and friends.... that was before this laptop/cellphone/disk seizing crap started. I have nothing to hide myself, and my youtube browsing history is probably the most interesting thing on my laptop, but FFS if Im only gonna spend a week or 2 in Tennessee WTF!? All I want to do is call my sis to tell her Ive landed safely, check my mail, sync my phone, and let friends know Im in town while Im there!

Seriously, like some have said: Smart criminals slip thru coz they dont waste time carrying this kinda crap around, everything is over SSH and more. Whats to stop them writing it all on paper? Thats gonna be the last place 'suck'urity is gonna look, especially if its in the checked baggage? Going old school... that's the ticket. Worked in Independence Day didn't it? Maybe they should also look into carrier pidgeons now as well?

I can only hope that this nonsense all backfires dramatically. Maybe one day we can just go back to living our lives how they should be lived, and not how the governments think we should live. (Yeah right!)

Comment Re:What the hell? Crazy French! (Score 1) 266

Under the terms of the GPL, they are entitled to the source.

So are you and I. Can we sue [AFPA] as well?

Maybe. There are two ways to be compliant: ship the code with the product, or make it available to all. The latters applies to you and me; both the latter and the former apply to Edu4. They therefore have a much better case to make.

It's best to leave these lawsuits to the recipient or the copyright holder, but it is true that everyone in the world has the right that AFPA trampled on. Perhaps a class-action suit would be appropriate.

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