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Journal Journal: Which old white guy do you want to run the country? 1

I know diversity has never been a strong point for Republicans, but their pre-presidential lineup is pretty monochromatic. At least in the past they had Alan Keyes. (Actually, now that I'm looking, apparently Keyes is running. He's just being excluded from any mainstream media coverage.) The over 50% of the population that is not male seems to be lacking representation here as well.
User Journal

Journal Journal: 48 more Lost episodes 1

ABC announces the plan for Lost

So basically, we're getting the equivalent of two more seasons stretched over three seasons. I'd rather have three full seasons, but I guess this means that ABC won't be canceling Lost prematurely, which is good. In terms of the number of episodes, this goes along with what I heard before of the creators saying they would end Lost after 5 seasons.


Journal Journal: Wii 1

So Wii is kind of a strange name for Nintendo's next console, but I don't feel the hate for it that a lot of /.ers seem to. Like most brand names, it will catch on the more it gets used. I think Wii represents something Nintendo has been pushing for some time, albeit more so recently: innovation. Let's face it: the video game industry is almost as stale as Hollywood. It seems like there are at least 10 military games released per month. Give me something new. Otherwise, I'll be fine just playing my NES.

Journal Journal: It appears I've been sucked back in

I managed to stay away from Slashdot for a while, but they suckered me back in by giving me mod points. Ah well. I'm still not letting it take over my life.

Journal Journal: Merry Christmas

I think I've been reading too much /. It's starting to look like the 'letters to the editor' section of a kindergarten class newspaper. All kinds of opinions with no real focus.

Journal Journal: Nintendo DS

I played Mario Kart DS today at Best Buy. It was freakin' sweet. Way better than Super Circuit, which is a damn fine handheld kart racer on its own. I'll probably be getting a DS soon.

Oh, I also played Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360. It was alright, but the control could use some work.

United States

Journal Journal: Wisdom from the Dubya

For my inaugural journal entry, I will share some of the infinite wisdom of our great leader, Dubya:

"First thing that Medicare has done is it says that if you're -- when you join Medicare, you get preventative screenings. Put in Texas terms, in order to solve something, you got to diagnose it."

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